Looking back at the year that was

A quick look back at the year that was, in photos: January February March April May June July August September October November December A quick look back at the year that was, in photos:

Wordless Wednesday: First Christmases

Goodbye Christmas

Tonight we packed up the Christmas Decorations, including our tree. It seems a little strange to be packing up before the new year, but this year it just felt right. So now I sit here, writing this entry in our Christmas fee living room, all that’s left is a few of the new presents that […]

Random Internet Video: Don’t Smoke, R2!

With the Christmas rush over and our house mostly back together I had hopped to get back to regular blogging today, but when I saw this video I thought I had to share:

Images of Christmas Part Two

Nana’s house and our Christmas Day Dinner:



Images of Christmas Part One

Here are some photos from our Christmas eve and Christmas morning.

Christmas Day Experiment

Today is Christmas Day, a day for family, food and presents.  We started our day with Jacob coming into our room excited to go downstairs and see what Santa had left. We had a great time as a family sitting around the tree and opening presents. Jacob did very well, pulling the presents out from […]

Family Traditions: Christmas Eve

Tonight is Christmas eve and we tried to do expand our family traditions to include our youngest member of the family. Of course it’s taken all the evening and I haven’t found time to blog. I was hoping to just post some pictures, but as I went through them I realized that we took a […]

Wordless Wednesday: Something Different

Cloud Gazing: Picnik

The thought of an online photo editor always seemed silly to me. Why waste the time uploading your images just to edit them. There are a ton of great editors for windows, why move it out to the cloud. That was before I really started using Flickr and other online photo sites. Even then I […]