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Project 365-090: Looking in the Mirror 3


Another month goes by, and here is another picture of me. I still find it hard to believe that I have managed to take a picture everyday for the last 90 days. The only disappointment is that I haven’t done enough non photo posts. I’m hoping that’s going to change. Having a good interface to work on my blog that fits in my pocket will help.

Project 365-089: Going to the Park


Today when I got home from work, I got the kids coats and shoes on and grabbed some meat from my freezer and headed outside. It was Violet’s first trip to the playground since she has begun feeling somewhat comfortable on her feet. She’s not really ready to go running with the other kids but she did her best to get into the fun. The only hard part about the trip to the playground was having to take her back with me every time I checked on the BBQ.

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Project 365-088: Protecting my baby


Violet is allergic to nuts, all nuts. We were pretty sure about peanuts yesterday; but today she had a visit to an allergists and we got confirmation. It seems so unfair. She’s such a little girl and to think she will never peanut butter or chocolate covered almonds. It’s also scary, the doctor gave us a prescription for 4 EpiPen so we can have one everywhere Violet goes regularly.

When I slipped into her room to check on her I could help but wonder how do I protect her from nuts. The doctor said that most of the rashes we’ve observed were probably caused by someone who’d been in contact with a nut that day. How do you protect against that?

Project 365-087: New Neighbours

Project365-087 Today we had a friend and their son dropped by for a visit. They just moved close by, which is great for Jacob. Liam is just 2 days older than him and they will be going to the same school in the fall, so it’s nice that he lives close by. Also it’ll be nice that Jacob has someone close to his own age to play with this summer.

Project 365-086: I’ll walk when I’m ready

wpid-2010-03-27_17-47-29_83_TorontoViolet has taken her time learning to walk. So today I was trying to encourage her to try. She managed a couple of steps but after a while she was done with trying. i did manage to get this cute picture.

Project 365-085: Carts for Two

With Melissa working this weekend it seemed like the best time to go shopping was tonight. So off we went to our local supermarket. The fun thing about shopping with 2 kids is a the two carts.

Project 365-84: A new Milestone


Today’s Picture is a bit of a teaser. After much debate and negotiating I have finally picked up a new phone. Today’s picture was taken with my new phone and is of it’s box. After a bit of a technical glitch I don’t have it working as a phone yet, but plan to have that straightened out tomorrow. I’ve also got some pictures of my un-boxing and I’m working on a write-up so stay tuned.

Project 365-83: All in a row

Today while Jacob was playing he lined up all his little people. I asked him what they were doing and he said waiting for the train. He then proceeded to get his Big Animal train for them to board. I’m not sure why he didn’t get his little people train, but he seemed to like loading them up in the bigger train.

Project 365-082: Feeding Time

On mornings when I get up with the kids and get them breakfast. breakfast is becoming a big deal for Jacob, every morning he picks out what he wants and insists on sitting next to Violet and I. This morning he took it to a different level. Today he wanted to feed violet and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I grabbed the camera and gave him the spoon. It took only a single shot to capture the moment, which is rare for me, usually I find myself going through 10 or 20 to find the one picture of the day. Today there was just 1.

Project 365-081: A Helping Hand


Before Jacob went up to bed tonight, I got him to help me with loading the dishwasher. It was fun to see how excited he was to help. After each dish he would come back to me asking what else he could put in. I think we’ve found a new after dinner routine.