POD: Looking in the Mirror

As Part of project 365 last year I ended each mon with a self-portrait. It was great to be able to look back and see the changes over the course of the years. With the change from Project 365 to Picture of the Day I am not sure if I want to continue the practice. […]

POD: Building a suprise

This evening before Jacob headed to bed, he asked me to close my eyes he had a surprise for me. As I sat with my eyes closed I wondered what my surprise would be, it seemed to take a long time. I could hear him run upstairs and come back down, each time asking if […]

POD: Sweet Potatoe Fries

Today Melissa decided to try something different. So she cut up some sweet potatoes and backed them. They turned out pretty good.

POD: Dinner with the Family

Tonight the family headed up to Montana’s for dinner. The kids seemed to enjoy the paper Antlers.

POD: Fridge Toys

Today while cooking dinner, Violet entertained her self with some of the toys we have on our fridge. It’s amazing how into the toys she gets, but the best part is she’ll play with that while I get dinner ready.

POD: Kitchen Time

Today Violet had her 2 year appointment that included a surprise shot. When we got home from the appointment we spent some time in her room playing with her kitchen. It’s quite amazing to see how engaged she gets with all the different activities in her kitchen.

POD: Letters Letters Everywhere

This morning while we were getting ready to face the day Jacob was playing in his room. When we went to get him dressed we found that he’d spelled a word. 

POD: VLogging Mama

Today Melissa Recorded her first VLog, I was here for technical support. I setup the high-tech camera mount for her iPhone, and let her know when her time was up. I’m not sure when it will be posted but stay tuned to her blog shrinkingmama.com to watch it when it is. Watching her record made […]

POD: Tucked In

Near our house they are building a skate park, one thing about the process I’ve been surprised by is that they have worked on and off all winter. The other day I was amused by how the equipment they have on the site was parked. It’s like the bigger machine is protecting the little one. […]

POD: Looking for a Chair with Violet

Today the family headed to Ikea for lunch and look for something’s for our house. So while Jacob played in their play land, Violet, Melissa and I wondered the showroom floor. We were looking for a new bookcase for our living room, of course there are always so many things that caught our eye. From […]