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POD: First Potty of the Day


I snapped this picture before heading out the door for work. My Little girl sitting on her potty watching Dora on Netflix. It’s amazing how quickly she has gone from diapers to the potty. Sure we still have accidents, but they are fewer and fewer. I’m in awe of how patient Melissa has been with our little girl, I’ve spent more of the training days at work than at home so I’ve missed most of the accidents. Even Jacob has been a great help.

Blog Refresh… Coming soon

Today should be another mobile Monday, but once again it looks like it wont be. I’ve been working on reviews of a number of apps, but as I read them over I think I want to take some more time and do them right. I’m currently reviewing a number of E-Reader apps, and will be posting them either in a single big post or as individual posts over the span of a few weeks. There are a couple of factors that are holding up my post. The first is I’ve recently updated my phone to Android version 2.2, I’ll probably be posting about that before the E-Reader series.

I’m also in the process of updating my blog. I’ve been having a few issues behind the scenes recently and so to fix them I’m doing a refresh of my blog. I’ve been taking a little longer then I hopped to get it done, but hopefully by the end of the week you’ll see a bit more polished look with some new features and more regular posts. One of the things I hope to have for the end of the week is a new dynamic header, you can see sample at the top of the post. So Stay tuned.