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POD: I am a number #3766


Today after work I Picked up my race kit for my very first official race The Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off. It’s very exciting, I just wish I didn’t have to wait two sleeps for Race Day. Stay tuned for more running posts over the next couple of days.

Saying Goodbye to


It was 11 years ago I registered my first domain, It was to be the host site for a game I was developing with my friends. The game never got finished and we morphed it into a company providing digital services. We had some clients. we did some nice work, but it was never more than a side business that we all moved on from. Still lived on, providing me with my primary email address and a place on the web where I could play. When I started to blog it was on a sub domain of And for a while I tried to make Guetterman a central blog site for my friends and family, but at the time I didn’t blog regularly and though some of my friends had great posts for a while, it didn’t last long.

It became clear that last year when I switched hosting companies that had served it’s purpose. I setup my mail accounts, but never got around to setting up the website. At the time I thought about not renewing the domain, but it held too much sentimental value so I hung onto it. This year as I look to renew the domains I control I’m past wonder, I think it’s time to let it go. What do my readers think?