POD: Photo fun

Today’s picture is a picture of me, but for fun I used some of the effects from the LittlePhoto to make it more interesting.

POD: Race Kit

I spent last night trying to figure out how I would get up to the sporting life at Young and Eglington(Actually quite a bit north of Eglington). Today the stars aligned and I found myself heading up to the area for work. So I skipped lunch and picked up my race kit for Sunday’s Sporting […]

POD: Fueling up!

Today Melissa and I headed to the Running room and got me some Gu. Energy Gel. It seems strange that my runs are now long enough that I need an energy boost in the middle of them.

POD: Choosing a Reward

Today after school I took Jacob to Mastermind Toys to pick out his reward for going to bed on time without a fight for 14 nights in a row. He was allowed to choose one playmobil that was under $20. It was not an easy decision for him. But after much debate and explaining which […]

POD: Looking under the Cover

After Violet’s little incident this weekend her car seat cover needed a cleaning. So we pulled it off and washed it, today while looking at her seat, I was struck by how much of it is just Styrofoam… I guess that’s why they have an expiry date and are good for only one accident.

POD: Morning in the Park

Today was a rare Monday that found both Melissa and me home. We were hoping to do more than just house work, but with rain forecasted for the afternoon it didn’t look good. So in the morning we packed up Jacobs T-Ball stuff and some soccer balls and headed to the big park. Jacob tried […]

POD: Egg Hunt

Today’s picture is from our families Easter Egg hunt this morning. Both Jacob and Violet got really into it. So much so they discussed strategies for finding all the eggs.

POD: Afternoon on a Swing

Today the sun came out and the temperature skyrocketed. So after Violet’s nap we headed out to the park. While there Jacob and Violet enjoyed the swings with friends.

POD: A night of Baseball

A pair of tickets for the Bluejays, were offered to Melissa and me. The seats alone were too good to pass up. First row in the 200 level just off home plate. I thought about taking Jacob, but it was an evening game and with Jacob’s new bedtime routine I wasn’t sure he’d be able […]

POD: Easter Basket

With tomorrow being Good Friday, Jacob brought home the Easter basket he made at school. It’s a cute little basket and card.