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POD: Eating like a Big Girl


Today Melissa took the kids on a little adventure, first to lunch at Subway and then to the supermarket. Our picture today was taken at lunch. It seems Violet decided it was time to eat her sandwich like a big girl. Usually she would take it apart and eat it in pieces. Today was different today she ate it like a sandwich, a fact that wasn’t lost on her. In this picture she’s tell mommy that she’s eating sandwich like a big girl.

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POD: The Learning Continues


If you have read my blog at all tonight, you know that Jacob’s last day of school was today. So it amused me when I got home today to find him working on his homework. It seems that his teacher had given him an exercise book that they worked on in class. It was a My Letter Sounds  Book. Each page has few activities to do, from an action, to colour and of course tracing the letters. Since it wasn’t finished his teacher sent it home to be worked on over the summer. Jacob didn’t waste any time getting into it.

Last day of school


While I write this Jacob is getting for the last day of school. It’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday we were giving him his Schultte and walking him to his first class. Of course it was a lot of yesterdays and now we must look to the tomorrows. The biggest question facing Melissa and me is if he should stay where he is, or move to a new school and start french immersion. It’s a hard question on we seem to have been struggling with all year.

Yesterday while picking Jacob up at school Melissa had an impromptu parent teacher conference. They happen fairly often throughout the year and really let us stay on top of how Jacob was doing. It’s also something we’ll lose if we’re putting him on the bus each morning, instead of walking him to school.  Yesterdays conversation was about next year and about who will be teaching Jacob next year, it seems he has a good teacher lined up if he stays, to go with that he’ll be all day, where french immersion is still only half day.

Watching Jacob grow during his first year of school has been great, I am so proud of all he’s learned. That he picked up a chapter book for independent reading is just so wonderful and it makes me question, if I want to add a new language into the mix.

In the end there are pros and cons for either decision, and we want to make the choice that’s right for Jacob, unfortunately without a time machine there is no way to be sure which way will be best for Jacob, all we can do is choose one and help him through any challenges that come his way.

POD: Walking the Baby

Photo Jun 28, 3 19 36 PM

Today when Melissa and Violet headed out to pick Jacob up at school, Violet decided to bring along her baby in a stroller. So of course Melissa captured this picture. My little girl is growing up so fast…

POD: End of Blastball


On the weekend Jacob celebrated the end of his Blastball season with the other players. While there he got his team photo and a little trophy,. So today after T-Ball I thought I’d take a picture of them for my picture of the day.

POD: Jump!


Today while Melissa work the kids and I headed out to the big park.While there I snapped a few pictures. The best was of Jacob jumping off some of the equipment. It only took 4 takes to get it.

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POD: Violet’s first Movie


Today  while Melissa was at work I thought it’d be fun to take the kids out for a fun day. We went to the Queensway theatre to see Cars 2. Jacob loved the movie. Violet liked it but was perhaps still a little young to sit through an entire movie. Of course when I got home I realised Melissa was hopping to take Jacob and our niece to see it. I think she still can, I’m pretty sure that Jacob would love to go again.

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POD: A new Chapter


Today before school the family had a trip to the local library, which happens to be next to Jacob’s school. While I was getting a new library card, Melissa and the kids were looking at books. Before I knew it Jacob came over to me asking if he could take out a book. The book was an Arthur Chapter Book, I of course checked the book out and he immediately opened it up and started to read it.  Even when we got to his school after showing it off to a couple of his friends he sat down and continued to read. It wasn’t long before Violet joined him and listened to him read. It amazes me that my little man, who just turned 5 is reading a chapter book.

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Fitness Friday: Over Compensating

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Almost 3 weeks ago I pushed myself to run longer then I ever had before. I ran for 2 hours and 46 minutes. While I was running I felt pretty good, a little thirsty, but I handled that by refilling my water bottle with Gatorade about 3 quarters into the run. My pace was a little slow, but I wasn’t out there for speed. It was my Sunday run. My long run. I am trying to push my sunday runs from the 2 hours I have been running over the last few months up to somewhere between 3 and 4 hours. I want to try running 30km. My goal on Sundays is to leave early for my runs. Usually 9 or 10. On the faithful day I started my run at 11:15am. So I found myself running during the hottest part of the day, and that was my biggest mistake.

After my run I was tired, but I didn’t think anything was wrong. As the day went on it became clear I had used up all my energy and I could barely function. So I slept away most of the evening and all through the night expecting to wake refreshed and ready to work. It didn’t work out that way. I woke up tired, and with a headache. I tried getting up with the kids, making them breakfast and even went through the motions of getting ready for work, before I accepted that I was in no condition to work. So i climbed into bed. Melissa had her hands full that morning, Jacob was also sick he’d thrown up the night before, and started his day the same way. Lucky for us he mostly got it in the bucket. So Melissa and Violet took care of Jacob and I. The day is a bit of a fog, I do know Melissa kept insisting I drink water and Gatorade. I missed 2 days of work, though on the second day I was able to do some work and really didn’t feel 100% till the weekend.

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POD: Lego


Today the family headed out to Sherway to pick up a few things. While there Jacob and I found ourselves in the new Lego Store. Jacob was quite excited to be there, though apart from the Cars sets he was most interested in building his own Lego men. Perhaps we’ve found Jacob’s next obsession interest.

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