POD: Eating like a Big Girl

Today Melissa took the kids on a little adventure, first to lunch at Subway and then to the supermarket. Our picture today was taken at lunch. It seems Violet decided it was time to eat her sandwich like a big girl. Usually she would take it apart and eat it in pieces. Today was different […]

POD: The Learning Continues

If you have read my blog at all tonight, you know that Jacob’s last day of school was today. So it amused me when I got home today to find him working on his homework. It seems that his teacher had given him an exercise book that they worked on in class. It was a […]

Last day of school

While I write this Jacob is getting for the last day of school. It’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday we were giving him his Schultte and walking him to his first class. Of course it was a lot of yesterdays and now we must look […]

POD: Walking the Baby

Today when Melissa and Violet headed out to pick Jacob up at school, Violet decided to bring along her baby in a stroller. So of course Melissa captured this picture. My little girl is growing up so fast…

POD: End of Blastball

On the weekend Jacob celebrated the end of his Blastball season with the other players. While there he got his team photo and a little trophy,. So today after T-Ball I thought I’d take a picture of them for my picture of the day.

POD: Jump!

Today while Melissa work the kids and I headed out to the big park.While there I snapped a few pictures. The best was of Jacob jumping off some of the equipment. It only took 4 takes to get it.

POD: Violet’s first Movie

Today  while Melissa was at work I thought it’d be fun to take the kids out for a fun day. We went to the Queensway theatre to see Cars 2. Jacob loved the movie. Violet liked it but was perhaps still a little young to sit through an entire movie. Of course when I got […]

POD: A new Chapter

Today before school the family had a trip to the local library, which happens to be next to Jacob’s school. While I was getting a new library card, Melissa and the kids were looking at books. Before I knew it Jacob came over to me asking if he could take out a book. The book […]

Fitness Friday: Over Compensating

[wprunkeeper activity=38216489] Almost 3 weeks ago I pushed myself to run longer then I ever had before. I ran for 2 hours and 46 minutes. While I was running I felt pretty good, a little thirsty, but I handled that by refilling my water bottle with Gatorade about 3 quarters into the run. My pace was […]

POD: Lego

Today the family headed out to Sherway to pick up a few things. While there Jacob and I found ourselves in the new Lego Store. Jacob was quite excited to be there, though apart from the Cars sets he was most interested in building his own Lego men. Perhaps we’ve found Jacob’s next obsession interest.