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POD: Water Fight

Today was the end of the Lacrosse House league season, so it was Water-fight night.

POD: Tiger Lillies

Today I share our blooming Tiger Lillies. We have a couple of them in our garden, but last year we didn’t get to enjoy their flowers, as little hands picked all the buds. This year we’ve been treated to a lovely bunch of flowers.

POD: Climbing Badges

Over the weekend Jacob had his last climbing class of the year.  I’m proud of how well he’s progressed over the year, and excited to see how he does when he goes back in the fall.

POD: Lacrosse Sunday

Not even the sudden thunderstorm washing out her second game could put a damper on Miss V today. Her team won 5-2 and the teams Lacrosse bags came in. She was one happy girl.

POD: Last game of the Season

Today Violet played her last ball hockey game of the EMBHL season. Sure she might play on a team at provincials, but this is the end of the red team season. They had a chance of winning it all but came up just short. Losing 4-3. today’s picture of the day is Violet and Lucas discussing what play they were going to try their next shift. Between them, they scored all the Red team’s goals, Lucas with 2 and Violet with one. They came close to tying it up in the final minutes but just couldn’t do it. Still, it was a good season for Violet, who missed a few games with her broken arm.

Musing from Starbucks


Today I find myself sitting in a Starbucks, trying to get some last-minute work done. When I first got here my phone told me the last time I was at this Starbucks was Almost 2 and a half years ago, on that day I was conducting an experiment, trying to get work done with just my tablet and my phone (POD: Coding on a Tablet) I’m amused when I look back on that day. I remember feeling that I had been productive even with the limitations that I faced. I wrote more about the limitations later that year (Tech Tuesday: Coding on the Go) of course by that time I’d given up on the experiment and moved to a laptop. The other point from that day is that nothing I worked on that day was ever finished. The personal projects I was trying to work on I still have half completed waiting for me to find the time to get back to them. Any paying work would have been minor tweaks to a client’s website software, that they use but could really use an overhaul.

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POD: Enjoying the View

Tonight the kids and I decided to walk home from Jacob’s guitar lesson. It was a beautiful day, and though a little cloudy it looked like the rain would stay away. It took us just over 30 minutes to complete it, but what amused me most was how excited Violet was as we walked over the bridge. See keep looking over the side, say ‘I’ve never walked on here before.’ Or ‘I haven’t seen the view from here before.’. It was so very cute