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POD: November Reading Scrapbook

Today we wrap up November, and with it, Jacob has to hand in his Reading Scrapbook. Of course, he wasn’t finished his scrapbook till after 10 o’clock last night. I think managing his time will be something we’ll work on for next month project. Still I think he did a very good job.

POD: Mini-Pokémon

This morning on the way to work, I found these three little guys in the cup holder of the van. I’m pretty sure they are Jacob’s, what I’m not sure of is why they were in the cup holder. Still, I have to say, I really like how my S8 captured them.


POD: Breakfast Creations


Breakfast is not always an easy time in our house. Everyone running around getting things ready for the day. One of the challenges has been finding something everyone would eat. Recently that’s been Pancakes. Usually, Chocolate chip Pancakes, though I have been known to make a Sprinkle Pancake or two. After weeks of making Pancakes day after day I started experimenting with different shapes and designs. So far, I haven’t really mastered it, but today I managed to make one that I think looks like BB8. What do you think?

POD: Breaking Away

Another weekend of hockey is behind us. It was a pretty good weekend, after losing 4-2 on Saturday, they managed to tie the same team 2-2 on Sunday.  It was a close game, with Orangeville taking a 2 -1 lead over the Dolphins with just over 2 minutes left in the game. It took pulling the goalie, but with just over a minute left Violet put in the tieing goal. It was a great game. Today’s picture is from late in the game, Violet is carrying the puck in for what should have been a great scoring chance. Unfortunately, she was pulled down by two skaters from the other team before she could get a shot or a pass off.