Today I thought I’d share an app I’ve been using for a couple of months that I use to keep track of my battery.  Batter Widget? Reborn provides a window into the inner working of your phone’s battery. It’s primary feature is to provide a circular battery status. Beyond that it includes also includes a […]

Mobile Monday: Photo Grid

Today I thought I’d share an application that I find myself using more and more for my picture of the day. Photo Grid is a collage application for Android. It creates 4 type’s of collage, plus the ability to add boarders to a single image.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking for applications for […]

How brave am I?

When I first broke my phone, I did a search for replacement parts for my phone and found that the screen was only between $40 and $50 to buy. This gave me hope that it wouldn’t be to expensive to get fixed. Of course when I contact local places to do the repairs I was presented with […]

Mobile Monday: Cracked up

A couple of weeks ago I had a tragic accident with my phone. It slipped from my pocket at the pool and landed on the hard ceramic floor, cracking the screen. It was a tragic event, specially considering the phone is less than a year old and that kind of damage isn’t covered. I tried […]

POD: The Wrong Ice Cream Sandwich

From Pictures of the Day 2012 When we went shopping this weekend we picked up a box of Ice Cream Sandwiches. I wanted to celebrate the release of Ice Cream Sandwich for my HTC Amaze, which I expected today. The kids thought this was a great idea and were looking forward to have them all […]

POD: A new toy for Daddy

Today I bit the bullet and singed away my freedom for the next 3 years. That’s right I got a new Cell phone. I got a HTC Amaze from Telus. I usually would use a picture of the phone, or of my unboxing. But this picture makes me wonder who was more excited by my […]

Mobile Monday: Toronto Transit Tracker

Today we look at Toronto Transit Tracker. A handy app that uses real-time information about when the next streetcar will arrive. the next Streetcar will be arriving. There are 3 tabs to the application, Favourites, Streetcar and Map.

Mobile Monday: PhoneWeaver

Today we have a late post for our Mobile Monday. Left has kept me from posting it earlier, but it’s still Monday so here it is. Today we look at PhoneWeaver from SBSH Mobile Software. I first found SBSH software when I was looking for software for my old Windows Mobile phone. I was thrilled […]

Mobile Monday: picplz

Today we look at another app for sharing photos with the web. Picplz is like Twitter for photos. There are two parts to picplz, the first is a mobile app, for Android, or iOS.  With it you can apply effects to your photos and then share them on the web. The second is the picplz […]

Mobile Monday: Bud Phone

It seems strange that I have anything sponsored by Bud on my phone, but this little application saves me money so it’s hard not to like it. Bud Phone uses VOIP to let you make local calls to many cities in Canada (the complete list is here). Bud phone is a simple Dialler application for […]