Cloud Gazing: Pic Monkey – College Maker

Last week for my Mobile Monday post I shared a Collage app for Android today I thought I’d share an online Collage application.  Of course PicMonkey is a lot more than a Collage maker. It’s a full online photo editor, something I’ve been looking for since Google shutdown picnic in the spring. I have used […]

Mobile Monday: Introduction with bonus App

Today I start a new series of posts, Mobile Mondays. It’s a expansion of my earlier post about mobile apps. I plan on posting once a week something to do with mobile. There will be app reviews, Hardware Reviews, my thoughts on the mobile space and more. I have tried to get into a roll […]

Project 365-194: Good Food, Bad Chair?

Tonight we went for dinner at Montana’s,  a restaurant we go to regularly.  One we think of as Nut free,  except for the Ice Cream.  But now we find ourselves questioning that.  See when we got home Violet had to large welts on her legs.  Now they could have come from the shopping cart at […]

Software I use: After the Deadline

When After the Deadline was first released for Firefox in the beginning of February, I thought it looked interesting. So I installed the Extension to see how it would hold up to day-to-day use. In the 3 weeks that have followed it’s become integrated with my day-to-day work flow. I even find myself taking chunks […]

Cloud Gazing: posterous

Tonight my readers will get an extra post, I think. I’m sitting here at my computer working on my Project 365 Post and got distracted by the blogging service posterous. Its a simple blog engine that allows you to post from email. I signed up for an account when I first learned of the service. […]

Cloud Gazing: Backupify

One of the biggest fears about moving to the cloud is how do you backup your data. The data sits on someone else’s server and usually there is no easy way for you to backup that data. You are at the mercy of the service provider to backup your data and if they go under, […]

Cloud Gazing: Picnik

The thought of an online photo editor always seemed silly to me. Why waste the time uploading your images just to edit them. There are a ton of great editors for windows, why move it out to the cloud. That was before I really started using Flickr and other online photo sites. Even then I […]

Disappointment in the tree house

A few days ago for computer time Jacob and I decided it was time for a change so instead of the usual or I went to Tree House TV is a kids network that is mostly commercial free. So it seemed logical to go to their website with Jacob. We fired it […]

1000 Days of Twitter

A few months back someone twittered that they had been on Twitter for some amount of weeks. It was a high number I can’t remember who it was or how long they were on twitter, I just remember wondering how long I’d been on twitter. I looked it up on At the time I […]

A new way to look at the clouds

Today while going through one of my inboxes I had an email from Live Labs with a preview code for Pivot, an experimental way to look at large amounts of data. As I sat looking at the email on my phone I found myself wondering what was Pivot.  I recalled requesting an invitation, but that […]