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POD: Christmas Spirt Week

This week at Violet’s dance studio was Christmas Spirit week. Which means to things, first that the kids get to dress up, and second the parents get to see a little show. I took today’s pictures of the day during her performances.

POD: Back to the dance floor


Today Violet started a new year of dance, I think she looks a little to happy to be back at it.

POD: Violet’s Dance Shoes


Soon Violet begins her first year of big girl dance classes. No more combo classes, full hour of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Acro and Musical theater. So this year she needs three different pairs of shoes.

POD: Hanging with Nate

Saturday mornings Violet heads to dance class, where we see Nate, who’s class finishes right before Violet’s starts.

POD: Dancing Hockey Star


As the we continue to gear up for the fall season of activities we’re seeing more and more overlap. Today we had Hockey then Dance, usually we’ll be going the other way round. I couldn’t help but snap this picture as we headed out of the arena.

POD: Long day of Dance


Today was recital day, and little Violet was in two shows and she rocked them both. So for my picture of the day I have one of Violet posing after the second show.

POD: Rehearsals continue

Today was the second day of dance rehearsals, Violet still didn’t pose for Picture for me but she did pose for one with me.

POD: Posing for Mommy

Tonight was Violet’s first Tech Rehearsal for her Saturday Recitals. Afterwards I wanted to get a picture of her, but she refused to pose for me. So I snapped today’s picture of the day while she posed for Melissa.

POD: Starbucks Family


Tonight was dance night, so while Melissa and Violet were at dance I headed to Starbucks. Afterwards I brought Starbucks for everyone. It seems we have found a Starbucks drink our little Violet really enjoys.

POD: Dance Photo Day


Today Violet headed to her dance class for photo day. So I had to share a picture of her in her 2 costumes.