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POD: Long day of Dance


Today was recital day, and little Violet was in two shows and she rocked them both. So for my picture of the day I have one of Violet posing after the second show.

POD: Rehearsals continue

Today was the second day of dance rehearsals, Violet still didn’t pose for Picture for me but she did pose for one with me.

POD: Posing for Mommy

Tonight was Violet’s first Tech Rehearsal for her Saturday Recitals. Afterwards I wanted to get a picture of her, but she refused to pose for me. So I snapped today’s picture of the day while she posed for Melissa.

POD: Starbucks Family


Tonight was dance night, so while Melissa and Violet were at dance I headed to Starbucks. Afterwards I brought Starbucks for everyone. It seems we have found a Starbucks drink our little Violet really enjoys.

POD: Dance Photo Day


Today Violet headed to her dance class for photo day. So I had to share a picture of her in her 2 costumes.

POD: That Time of Year


Tonight we have a picture of Violet’s first costume for her big dance recital. We;re still a couple months away from the recitals, but today she brought home her tap costume.

POD: Dancing Star

Today was Violet’s Ballet Recital at her new studio, and she did amazing. The entire show was great, so much better then her old school. I loved watching our little tea pot dance her heart out. For today’s picture I thought that the one of Violet and me after the recital would be a good choice, there are a few more but for now I think I’ll just share the one.

POD: Ballet Photo Day


Today’s Violet had her picture day at Ballet. She looks so cute in her costume, I can’t wait to see her recital, it’s hard to believe that’s only 6 weeks away. Where did this year go, before you know it Jacob will be 8 and school will be done for another year.

POD: New Dance Shoes


Well since Violet refuses to stop growing, today before Violet’s ballet class her Nan took her to get a new pair, and of course they had to be today’s picture of the day.

POD: Watching the Dancers

From Picture of the Day 2013

Today Jacob and I went with Violet to Ballet class. One great thing about her new studio, Innovative Rhythm Dance, is that they have a screen were you can watch the classes.  Jacob was thrilled to be able to watch Violet’s class. Of course he probably wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t forgotten his 3DS.