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POD: Dance Photo Day


Today Violet headed to her dance class for photo day. So I had to share a picture of her in her 2 costumes.

POD: That Time of Year


Tonight we have a picture of Violet’s first costume for her big dance recital. We;re still a couple months away from the recitals, but today she brought home her tap costume.

POD: Dancing Star

Today was Violet’s Ballet Recital at her new studio, and she did amazing. The entire show was great, so much better then her old school. I loved watching our little tea pot dance her heart out. For today’s picture I thought that the one of Violet and me after the recital would be a good choice, there are a few more but for now I think I’ll just share the one.

POD: Ballet Photo Day


Today’s Violet had her picture day at Ballet. She looks so cute in her costume, I can’t wait to see her recital, it’s hard to believe that’s only 6 weeks away. Where did this year go, before you know it Jacob will be 8 and school will be done for another year.

POD: New Dance Shoes


Well since Violet refuses to stop growing, today before Violet’s ballet class her Nan took her to get a new pair, and of course they had to be today’s picture of the day.

POD: Watching the Dancers

From Picture of the Day 2013

Today Jacob and I went with Violet to Ballet class. One great thing about her new studio, Innovative Rhythm Dance, is that they have a screen were you can watch the classes.  Jacob was thrilled to be able to watch Violet’s class. Of course he probably wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t forgotten his 3DS.

POD: Violet’s Second Recital

From Picture of the Day 2013

Today was Violet’s second Dance Recital so it’s only fitting that she had two numbers instead of just one. Of course it was a long day and I’m to tired to share more than just this Family shot. Perhaps in a couple of day’s I can share more from this wonderful day.

POD: Dancing Shoes

From Picture of the Day 2013

Today while at Violet’s Ballet class, I had a thought for a picture of the day. So out came the camera and I captured a picture of her Dance shoes. The top is her Ballet shoes, the ones on bottom are for tap. Every Saturday morning at dance class she gets to put on these shoes and dances. It’s a time she loves, and I always feel privileged when I get to share it with her.

POD: Violet’s first Recital

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today Violet took part in her first dance recital. She was so excited to get out on the stage and dance. It makes the year of getting to her Saturday 9am dance class worth it. The picture was taken after the recital, with all her flowers that she wouldn’t let anyone else carry.

POD: Ballet Pictures


Today we had a busy morning, first T-Ball then Violet’s ballet picture day. The best part of picture day was in was able to get this picture of Violet in her costume.