POD: Once Might Dino Bone Dog

POD: Once Might Dino Bone

Every year Ruby gets a Dino bone in her stocking. She loves it, Christmas morning while the family opens presents, she happily goes to town on…
POD: Pretty Doggy Dog

POD: Pretty Doggy

Our little family is still a bit under the weather, so we had a lazy day and that means I didn't get any exciting pictures, thankfully Ruby po…
POD: Ruby Snuggles Dog

POD: Ruby Snuggles

I was just sitting here watching the Blue Jays on runs against the Seattle Mariners when ruby slipped up onto the couch and put her head on my…
POD: Sisters Dog

POD: Sisters

With the kids at Great wold Lodge with their Nana and Papa this weekend we had our own house guest. Ruby had a great time hanging with her sister,
POD: Evening at the Park Dog

POD: Evening at the Park

Tonight after dinner Jacob, Ruby and I headed to an off leash area to let Ruby run around. I captured today's picture of the day while Ruby rested.
POD: What about Me! Dog

POD: What about Me!

Ruby and I have an evening routine, as the night winds down we head out to the park to play some catch before heading for a long evening walk.…
POD: Who’s Toy is it? Dog

POD: Who’s Toy is it?

Today we have a picture of Ruby I took at the park with Ruby. We're playing tug-a-war with her plastic through toy. Usually I don't play like …
POD: Doggy Shots day Dog

POD: Doggy Shots day

Today Ruby headed down to the vet to get her shots for the year. She did really good, even when they had to draw blood for her heart worm test…
POD: Ruby Dog

POD: Ruby

Today Ruby and I headed down to Etobicoke Valley off Leash park. It's an amazing dog park, it just kept going and going. Ruby loved it. She wa…