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POD: Once Might Dino Bone

Every year Ruby gets a Dino bone in her stocking. She loves it, Christmas morning while the family opens presents, she happily goes to town on her bone. I thought I’d show what’s left of it after a just over a week.


POD: Relaxing in the Grass

Today we have a picture of Ruby take a break from playing catch. She had a lovely time enjoying the summer-like weather in the sun.

POD: Ruby Meets a Hatchimal

Today we have a picture of Ruby Meeting Violet’s new Hatchimal. She wasn’t impressed. She approached it very cautiously jumping back whenever it moved. She didn’t bark at it the way she barked at the RC Car, but she wasn’t a fan.

POD: New Toy for Ruby

After a week of having no interest, today Roby found her new chew toy and went at it for hours.

POD: Pretty Doggy

Our little family is still a bit under the weather, so we had a lazy day and that means I didn’t get any exciting pictures, thankfully Ruby posed for one.


POD: Driving with Ruby

Today Ruby and I hit the road for a bit of a drive, I couldn’t help but capture sitting there looking around.

POD: Enoying the Last day of Summer

ruby last day summer

Today was the official end of summer so after dinner the ids and I headed out to enjoy it. We started with some play time for Ruby in the big park before heading for a walk around the neighborhood. I had hopped to get a picture of the kids but this one of Ruby relaxing in the water park was to cute not to use.

POD: Ruby Snuggles


I was just sitting here watching the Blue Jays on runs against the Seattle Mariners when ruby slipped up onto the couch and put her head on my lap. I just can’t figure out if she wants attention from me, or if she’s hopping I wont notice her and she can get at the chips sitting next to us. Either way it’s nice to have her here with me.

POD: Sisters


With the kids at Great wold Lodge with their Nana and Papa this weekend we had our own house guest. Ruby had a great time hanging with her sister,

POD: Profile Picture for Ruby


Today I captured this picture of Ruby,  when I showed it to Melissa she said it looked like  profile picture.  So I set one up for her, @thedogRuby. I’m not sure if I’ll post anything on it, but it’s there if I want.