POD: Daddy’s Lunch

Today after making Jacob’s lunch I took some time to pack a second lunch for myself. I spent the day at a clients setting up a new computer and providing other types of support. So it was nice not to have to head out looking for a place to have lunch. Plus, I really liked […]

Fitness Friday: One step forward, two stepts back

I wrote this post on Friday during my trip to and from work. I had hopped to edit and post it on Friday, but with the unexpected date night I never found the time. Yesterday was filled with the trip to the baseball game and an evening at the park, so this morning I found […]

Fitness Friday: Hits and Misses of Week 1

Last Friday I stated my plan for getting back on track with my running and by extension my weight loose. As the days slipped by I did find myself running more, I got out for 3 runs since my last Fitness Friday post.  Of course over that time I tried to watch what I ate, […]

Project 365-258: Joining Weight Watchers

Well today I took a step I’ve been debating all summer. Today I joined weight watchers. I’ve been loosing weight sence spring, working out and trying to eat better. Well as I’ve watched my weight hover around the 240s for the last 6 weeks it became clear that I needed to get serious about what […]

Project 365-150: Snack Time

Tonight I managed to get out for a run… I have been doing most of my running on the treadmill at the gym, so it was good to get back on the street. When I got home I looked I looked into the fridge for a snack. I found shrimp, seemed like a good healthy […]