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POD: Daddy’s Lunch

Today after making Jacob’s lunch I took some time to pack a second lunch for myself. I spent the day at a clients setting up a new computer and providing other types of support. So it was nice not to have to head out looking for a place to have lunch. Plus, I really liked having the cookies as a treat after I was done my sandwich.

Fitness Friday: One step forward, two stepts back

I wrote this post on Friday during my trip to and from work. I had hopped to edit and post it on Friday, but with the unexpected date night I never found the time. Yesterday was filled with the trip to the baseball game and an evening at the park, so this morning I found my self looking at my blog wondering what happened to my fitness Friday. So I read it over and finished it up and decided to post it today. I’ve also decided to leave the text as it is, so think of this as if it was posted on friday. I hope to have next weeks fitness Friday actually posted on Friday next week.

As I sit down to write todays post I am unsure of what I want to write. I had planned on discussing the dilemma I am facing about my runs. Should I focus on longer runs, or do more 5ks to try to get my time running 5k down to under 25 minutes. Unfortunately, this week has been terrible for my running. Since last Friday I have only run once. That’s not acceptable. At first it was logistics, not wanting to run after Melissa got home, and not taking the time to ask someone to come site with the kids so I could run. But last night was just laziness. I just didn’t push myself. And so I have done what I never wanted to do, not run in 4 days.

On top of my not running I’ve only been semi successful with my for logging. I have managed to track 60% of what I ate, but I never seemed to track the late night freeze or bag of candy I picked up at the Banana Store. I have cut out some of my snacking and seemed to established a rhythm of tracking my Breakfast and Lunch and the failing to track my dinner and any evening snacks.

My failure to run and to get a handle on my snacking was reflected on the scale this morning, my weight is up over 3 pounds putting above my first weeks weight. I am hoping that seeing the numbers on my blog will help me focus on getting back on track. But I don’t think that’s enough, I need something more. With the prospect of a week camping with the family starting next Sunday looming I know I should establish the habits now so I can carry them through our time away.

It could have been a great week, I have taken the kids to the pool 3 times since Friday, and even went on a ride with the kids in tow. If I had added to that even 2 more runs It would have been a different result this morning. So now I am left scratching my head looking the motivation to get out every night even if that’s  at 12am when Melissa gets home from work. Going forward I have a plan, but instead of writing it out here I’ll put it into action and discuss it in next weeks Fitness Friday post.

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Fitness Friday: Hits and Misses of Week 1


Last Friday I stated my plan for getting back on track with my running and by extension my weight loose. As the days slipped by I did find myself running more, I got out for 3 runs since my last Fitness Friday post.  Of course over that time I tried to watch what I ate, but it seemed when I had the choice of being good and being bad, I always choose bad. So each morning when I’d get on the scale to get a feel for how I was doing it didn’t look good. Though as Friday approached and I knew I’d have to face the blog I started getting a little better, and with last nights 10.27 run I managed to come in lower than I expected. A lower. This weeks weight is 224 lbs. That’s a loose of 2.5 pounds, a number that is probably unrealistic to expect to repeat next week. Unless of course I stop the evening freezer raids for Freezes and the occasional chocolate bar on my way home from work.

The key I’ve been told by many different diet plans is to track my food. Record every thing you eat so that you can see where the calories are coming from. Every morning this week I’ve said today is the day I will log my food, then I’d have a granola bar and a bowl of cereal for breakfast and say, tomorrow I’ll start. Today marks a week of saying that and I know that has to stop, so I look at the calendar and think Monday, have one last weekend without being accountable for what I eat. Or even, why start Monday, the family is heading off on vacation in 3 short weeks, do I really want to track while on vacation? Maybe I should wait till we get back or maybe after my vacation ends and I get back to work?

It’s that kind of thinking that I need to change. I need to start tracking now, I need to stop waiting for tomorrow and start living for today, so I will not wait till my vacation is over, I will not wait till Monday. I wont even wait till tomorrow morning,. Once I’m done this blog post I’ll sit down and write what I’ve had today, as best I can and keep track from then on. To be clear, I am not planning on changing what I eat, not yet at least. What I plan is to write down what I eat, what ever it is. To take owner ship of the calories I’m consuming. Then when I have a log for a week or two, then I’ll begin trying to change what I eat. In the past I’ve not longed because I would eat questionable things, and it was easier to ignore them if they weren’t on paper. That changes now.

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Project 365-258: Joining Weight Watchers


Well today I took a step I’ve been debating all summer. Today I joined weight watchers. I’ve been loosing weight sence spring, working out and trying to eat better. Well as I’ve watched my weight hover around the 240s for the last 6 weeks it became clear that I needed to get serious about what I’m eating. To help with that I’ve joined Weight watchers. I’ll be talking about the process in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Project 365-150: Snack Time


Tonight I managed to get out for a run… I have been doing most of my running on the treadmill at the gym, so it was good to get back on the street. When I got home I looked I looked into the fridge for a snack. I found shrimp, seemed like a good healthy snack.