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POD: Violet’s school art


Today I headed to the kid’s school for a Parents Council meeting, so I took a moment to capture this work of art on the wall by Violet’s classroom.

POD: Enoying the Last day of Summer

ruby last day summer

Today was the official end of summer so after dinner the ids and I headed out to enjoy it. We started with some play time for Ruby in the big park before heading for a walk around the neighborhood. I had hopped to get a picture of the kids but this one of Ruby relaxing in the water park was to cute not to use.

POD: My Little Astronauts


Today after dinner the kids and I headed out to hunt for a few things at the mall. Our hunt was only half successful, I got what I was looking for. Unfortunately the Pokémon Go Plus that Jacob was looking for was sold out everywhere. We did stop by Indigo so Violet could look at the American Girl store. While there I captured today’s picture of the day.

POD: World Cup Fan Village


Today we headed down to the World Cup Fan Village so that Violet and her DS team could play some hockey and pose with both the World Cup and even the Stanley Cup.

POD: Jacob’s New Guitar


Today Jacob headed to his second Guitar lesson of the fall, with his brand new guitar from his Nana and Papa.

POD: Back to the dance floor


Today Violet started a new year of dance, I think she looks a little to happy to be back at it.

POD: Violet’s Me Bag


Today Violet brought home her first home work. She’s supposed to bring in different things that represents her and present them to the class. So this evening we watched as she put it all together, and I just had to capture it for today’s picture of the day. Of course there was to many things to include them all in the picture, but I think I captured the most important ones.

POD: Birthday Boy

Today we celebrated Nathaniel’s 4th birthday, so for today’s picture of the day I have Violet and Nate sitting with me before the party started.

POD: Me and my little Clown


Today Violet and I thought we’d try on some masks.

POD: Preparing for a new Hockey season

clone tag: -4882501214943438568
Today we have a picture of Violet working on her hockey skills. The first of a few preseason warm ups. It’s amazing how excited she gets to be playing hockey again.