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POD: Excited Jacob


Tonight we have a picture of an excited Jacob looking over his new Pokémon box.

POD: Last Practice of the Season


Today I have a picture of Violet as she runs out to join her last Soccer practice after a water break.

POD: Over to soon

Today we headed up to pick up Violet and Ben from Summer camp. While both were happy to see their parents, I think they both would have been happy to spend more time at camp. Of course they will hopefully be heading back next summer, but that is a long time.


POD: Camp Selfie


Today we sent Violet off to her first overnight camp. She was so excited to go. I tried to get a nice picture with just me and her…. That didn’t work out.

POD: All Packed UP!


Tomorrow my little girl heads off to a few days of overnight camp. Part of me wishes that she wasn’t growing up so fast. Of course a larger part is thrilled to see her grow and experience new things. So today I have a picture of all her stuff packed up and waiting to head to camp in the morning.

POD: My little Princess meets a Princess


Today Violet was at a birthday party with a very Special guest. It was amazing to watch as Cinderella interacted with the kids, and kept tall of them engaged, especially the birthday girl who had a huge smile on her face the entire time. It was great to watch. A question for my readers, can you tell what Disney Princess Violet is dressed as?


POD: Kicking It


Tonight we have a picture from the kids knew Friday night Taekwondo class. Jacob had taken it Saturday mornings, but today he switched to Friday night and was joined by Violet. They both seemed to have fun with the kicking drills.

POD: Waiting for Daddy


Today Melissa snapped this picture of Ruby as she peeked over the patio fence wondering when I was getting home.

POD: Naughty Girls


Tonight we have a picture of my to little girls, both being a little naughty. Violet is up way past her bed time, thanks to an afternoon nap. Ruby is on the couch which she knows she isn’t supposed to be on. 

POD: Jacob’s Poké Ball

Jacob's  Poké Ball

The other day Jacob came home from day camp with this creation. His very own Poké Ball. It’s amazed me how into Pokémon my boy has become. I think it’s finally dethroned Power Rangers for his favourite toys right now. Of course between Figures, Video Games, TV shows and the Card game there is a lot of different things to entertain him.