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POD: Violet Models her outfit

Today we stopped by Violet’s favourite store to exchange some items. while she enter she couldn’t help but show off her outfit that matched the manikin in the window.

POD: A Happy Ruby


With the weather getting nicer it seemed like a good day to head to the dog park for some fun.

POD: Our Princess Helps Bake


This morning while Melissa worked Violet and I did some baking. Usually it’s Melissa who bakes with the kids, but this morning I was inspired to make some Banana Bread. We don’t need to talk about how it was a Robin Hood Quick Bread Mix.

POD: Camp Orientation


This summer Jacob, Violet and our friends son Ben will be heading off to over night summer camp for the first time. So today they had an orientation session to find out about what to expect from their camp experience. They are all excited to go, the only problem is they have to wait till summer.

POD: Selfie with kids – Take 2


Earlier this week I tried to get the kids to pose with me for a selfie with little success, Today I tried again, and today’s picture of the day is the result. Maybe next time I will get them to take a serious picture.

POD: Saying Goodbye to Chloe


Today was a hard day for our little family. Today we said goodbye to our cat Chloe. Its been a hard day, but its good to know that she isn’t suffering anymore.

POD: Violet’s puzzle


As the Day winds down I realize that I don’t have a picture of the day.  Looking around the house I spot the puzzle Violet worked on after dinner.  I realize I should have taken some pictures of her hard at work putting it together.  Oh well the finished product will have to do.

POD: Selfie with kids

SelfiesTonight  I tried to get a picture with the kids, but I couldn’t get them to pose together, so instead I’ve taken the individual shots I captured together for today’s picture of the day.

POD: Sneaking a picture of Violet


This evening little Violet had set herself in a corner to play on her tablet while it charged. I snuck this picture her as she played. It was cute, I’m not sure what game she was playing but she kept singing to it. I should have taken some video, but she stopped when she realized I was taking a picture.

POD: A Day at Toronto ComiCon


Today Jacob and I headed down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for ComiCon. It was quite an experience, though we didn’t get to see the two Power Rangers Actors that Jacob really wanted to see, and there was a real lake of any Power Rangers Merchandise. We did find a couple of booths with Japanese power ranger toys, that Jacob really like.  Overall it was a fun day and I think we might brave Fan Expo in September. Though the promise of a big Japanese Power Ranger booth has Jacob trying to convince me to go to Anime North. It also has me thinking back to when I went to Penguin Con in Detroit over 10 years ago. Wondering if I can convince Melissa I should head there again.