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POD: Turning 10


Yesterday our little guy turned 10. It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since he was born. Where has the time gone?

POD: Birthday Dinner


The ninth is Jacob’s birthday, but he’s going to a Blue jays game with his Nan so we celebrated the night before at his favourite restaurant.

POD: Hanging with the Kids


Yesterday the kids had a doctors so I capture this picture of the kids as we sat around before the appointment.

POD: Sunday Lacrosse


Sunday’s has become Field Lacrosse day for Violet so you can expect to see many more Lacrosse pictures over the summer.

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POD: Saturday at the Ball Hockey rink


Yesterday we spent a chunk of the day enjoying the great weather while the kids played ball hockey. Both Violet and Jacob really enjoy playing. While Jacob enjoy’s playing, Violet excels at it. She’s got 15 points in 7 games. 5 Goals and 10 assists. Ranking her 5th in her division for assists.

POD: Violet


Today I share a picture of Violet Melissa took, with a bit of tweaking..

POD: Violet’s lacrosse stick

Lacrosse Stick
I’m still trying to get back into the swing of this Picture of the day thing, so yesterday after practice I captured this picture of Violet’s Lacrosse stick.

POD: A new haircut for Jacob


As a new month begins I think it’s time I get back to posting my pictures of the day. So tonight we start with this picture of Jacob’s new hair cut that Melissa captured yesterday.

POD: Forcing another Game


Yesterday Jacob’s team faced an elimination game. After loosing the first playoff game, they needed to win to force a third and deciding game. I’m happy to say they won.

POD: Yellow Belt for Violet


Last night it was Violet’s turn for Belt testing. While Jacob went first she went last. I’m happy to say she did a great job and passed with flying colours.