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POD: Jacob’s new Ride


Today I have a picture of Jacob’s early birthday gift from Nana and Papa. I can’t belive my little guy has his first multi-speed bike. I can’t wait to go one long rides with him this summer.

POD: Recovered Boy


Today we have a picture that Nana took of Jacob this morning. He was feeling better today after being sick yesterday. I think he looks cute with his new hair cut.

POD: Ball Hockey Hatrick


Today was week to for Violet’s ball hockey; and she did great. Working hard through the drills than score 4 or 5 goals in the game.

POD: Lunch for two


This morning like most mornings I headed into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. Today I turned to our old standby, tray lunches. When they were done I thought they looked good enough to take a picture. So here they are our picture of the day.

POD: Taking of the Training Wheels


It was a beautiful day today, spring had definitely sprung as Jacob said this after noon. It also ment that it was time to dust of the bikes. While dusting Violet’s bike I also took off her Training wheels to see how she could handle it, and handle it she did. With a bit of help from Melissa and I she just wouldn’t stop trying. It sure helped when one the neighbourhood kids started helping her out. I’m amazed at how quickly she seems to be getting. She could be riding like a pro by the end of the week.

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POD: First day of Ball Hockey


Today we headed out to Violets first week of Ball Hockey. She was so excited to hit the ice pad and met her new team. I think that the best part for her was that two of her pre-school friends are on the team. Watching her go through the different drills was great. She listened to the coaches and tried hard. I think it will be great for next years hockey season.

POD: Top Popper


Today the kids headed to the movies. While there Jacob showed off his popping skills and became the top popper.

POD: Happy Kids on Easter Morning

Today we have a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits. They kids had a blast hunting for eggs in the morning. The rest of the day was filled with Family and friends and now I need some sleep.

POD: Egg Hunting

Today we headed to Spring Ridge Farm to celebrate Easter. The kids loved hunting through the hey for the eggs, though after a while they stopped look and just followed the bunnies dropping the eggs.

POD: A Dog Day in the Park


With Spring weather finally here I didn’t want to spend the day in the house with the kids. So instead we headed down to high park for them to play in their favourite playground the Castle playground. Of course I couldn’t leave Ruby inside on such a lovely day. So while the kids played Ruby and I explored the huge off leash area. I have know that it was their since we got Ruby and I started paying attention to such things. Now that we’ve been there I foresee many visits this summer.

Ruby loved the freedom of walking without the leash, and she never strayed to far. She was excited to see the other dogs, but didn’t really want to play with them. She was happiest chasing after sticks and walking down the trails with me.

It also brought back a lot of memories from my youth. I spent many a summers and winter day wandering high park with friends and family. The off leash paths went right through the middle of some of my memories, and though I let the kids play in the Castle playground today during future visits I expect to have them walking with me and Ruby.