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POD: Hot Chocolate with Violet


Today after Violet’s 2 hour game of Scrimmage at hockey I thought she deserved a reward. So off to Tim Hortons we went for a Hot Chocolate and moffin. It amused me how happy she was when she realized that her hot chocolate had

POD: Pre-game instructions


It’s the weekend and that means hockey for our little family. So for this picture of the day we have Jacob kneeling on the ice listening to his coach before last night game.

POD: Taekwondo


Friday nights are Taekwondo night for the kids, so I thought a picture of them during class would make a great Picture of the day. Of course since thier last belt testing they are in different classes, so this one I took of Jacob during Violet class will have to do.

POD: Celebrating at the Bench


Sunday is Violet’s hockey day, so I chose this picture of her celebrating her Game Winning goal from the bench during her game. I love watching her play, she gives it her all every time she heads out on the ice. As long as she keeps working at it, there is no limit to what she can do.

POD: Watching hockey


Today we headed to dinner with Nana and Papa,  while there I captured this this picture of Violet as she watched the leafs game.  It was great to see her interest,  though at home she never wants to sit and watch with me.  Of course as a father I question if raising her a leaf fan is really the best thing for her.  Can I really set her up for a life filled with  that kind of disappointment.

POD: Hanging with Jacob

I captured tonight’s picture while waiting for Melissa and Violet. So it was just me and the boy having a little Minecraft time.

POD: Chocolaty Goodness


It’s the first of november and while it’s a very busy month, the first always means treat day. so today I thought I’d share a close up picture of the kids chocolate haul.

POD: A Great Night for Trick or Treating


Tonight was a great night for the kids to go out Trick or Treating. It’s the first time in years that it wasn’t raining, brutally cold, or both. It was great watching the kids go from house to house, collecting their mounds of candy. 

POD: Halloween Dress Down Day


While I wanted the kids to go to school today dressed as Catholic school children, they insisted on wearing their costumes.

POD: Bundling up for the coming cold

With Winter fast approaching, it was time for our little man to get a new coat. Here is him trying it on for the first time.