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POD: Ruby’s new Toy


Yesterday we were looking for something in the dollar store after Violet’s swimming. Walking down the aisle looking for the bargains in between the junk, Violet found a rubber chicken she just had to get for Ruby. I was dubious but we got it. Ruby loves it, but it took her less than 2 minutes to have it separated and the squeaker removed.

POD: Popcorn

Tonight we have a picture of our evening snack. It’s one snack that the entire family loves.

POD: New Hockey Sticks

Today the kids it the ice with new sticks. Well Jacob had a new stick, Violet has Jacob’s old stick with new tape.

POD: Violet Waits her Turn


Tonight we have a picture from swimming, Violet sits at the side of the pool talking to her classmate as they wait for their turn to swim in the deep end.

POD Violet and Molly


Tonight we have a picture of Violet and her doll Molly. She loves that they have matching pjs.

POD: Violet’s Colouring


Today after school Violet and her Nan sat down for some colouring in her activity book.  I’m so impressed with my little girls colouring, that I just had to share it.

POD: Violet does her Homework


Today we have a picture of Violet working on her Snuggle up and read homework. After reading her story she got to work on drawing her picture. One of her books tonight was about butter, and she loves toasted rye bread with butter. So she got a slice of rye bread as a model and drew her own complete with butter.

POD: Family Day with Nana and Papa


Today was family and while Melissa had to work the kids and I headed to Nana and Papa’s house for an afternoon of swimming and lunch.

POD: Coding on a Tablet


After dropping Melissa and Violet off at the Science Centre for a play day with a bunch of her friends, I decided to run a little experiment. I headed to a Starbucks with just my Cell Phone and Tablet to see how much code I could write. Though I came up a bit short of my goals, I did find it a successful day.


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POD: Preparing to Celebrate


Today we have a picture of our dinner table after Melissa and I (Well mostly Melissa) finished setting it up for our Valentines dinner. I love sharing these family moments with Melissa and the kids.