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POD: Sunday Morning Practice

The girls take shots on their goalie during Sunday morning DS Practice.

POD: 20 out of 20

Once again I was impressed by my little diva, when she brought home her latest test.

POD: Flower Family

Today we have a picture of Violets Flower family.

POD: The Science Continues

Today we have a picture of the kid’s science experiment. They are growing salt crystals to look at under Jacob’s microscope.

POD: First House League game of 2017

After a two week break from house league hockey Violets team hit the ice for their first game of 2017. It was a hard fought game with the Silver Stars falling 4-2. What impressed me was how hard Violet played. Going in to the corners for the puck and not giving up when she went for the net. She was rewarded for her effort with a beautiful goal on a rebound.

POD: Afternoon of Science

Today while mommy worked the kids and I sat down with Jacobs Microscope to see what we could see.

POD: Watching Hockey

Tonight we have a picture of Violet as she watches the Gold Medal game of this year’s world Juniors. It was a great game, with an unfortunate ending (Canada lost in a shootout). Violet didn’t want to go to bed till it was over.

POD: Air Hockey

Today we had a relaxing day around the house, watching some movies and playing some games. I captured today’s picture of the day while Violet and Jacob played her new air hockey game.

POD: Skating with the kids

Even though I didn’t really feel like doing anything, I knew that the kids didn’t want to have another day in the house, so I did something I don’t usually do, I laced up my skates and took the kids for a family skate. Jacob isn’t in the picture because he took the picture. It was a fun afternoon, perhaps we can do it again this winter.

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POD: Ending the Tournament with a win

While Violet wasn’t 100% she was well enough to play. If I was honest, I don’t know how sick she’d have to be to be willing to miss a game. The game was another close one. The dolphins won 1-0 ending the tournament with a 2-1-1 record.