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POD: Forcing another Game


Yesterday Jacob’s team faced an elimination game. After loosing the first playoff game, they needed to win to force a third and deciding game. I’m happy to say they won.

POD: Yellow Belt for Violet


Last night it was Violet’s turn for Belt testing. While Jacob went first she went last. I’m happy to say she did a great job and passed with flying colours.

POD: Violet’s Family Portrait


With March break approaching, some of Violet’s art work has come home. So I thought I’d share this picture of the family she drew.

POD: Violet Reads


After Violet’s hockey game, we headed to the local library where Violet found herself a big girl book.

POD: Jacob’s Writing

The other day I asked Jacob to put down his electronics and write me something, and after his first attempt which was just the word ‘something’ he wrote this.

POD: Chasing the Puck


Sunday was Violet’s 3 playoff game, so I had to use the picture from her game for my POD. The Blue Blades are now 2-1, I’m not sure what the rest of the teams are, but I think they have a good shot of making the finals.

POD: Waiting for the puck


Yesterday was what I though was Jacob’s first playoff game. Turns out it was the last game of the regular season.  His team won and he played on of his best games of the season. Right after this picture was taken his team scored the winning goal. The puck came right past Jacob into the net, and while he tried to get his stick on it, he insists he did. Though I’ll wait to see the official stats, I like to think he scored


POD: Fourth Stripe for Violet

20160226_Final stripe

Tonight at Taekwondo Violet completed her pattern and got her fourth strip. That means in 2 weeks she can test for her Yellow belt. OF

POD: Surprise Start in Goal


Saturday morning we arrived at the rink, and found Jacob’s was down a few players and no one was ready to play goalie. So Jacob Volunteered. I’m so proud of how hard he tried.



POD: Jacob’s Poster


Today we have a picture of Jacob working on his PSA for his media literacy project. He worked really hard on it, first coming up with the idea for his Kids help phone poster and then doing all the work. I’m so proud of him.