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POD: Another Camp for Diva

Violet heads to her second overnight camp of the summer. This is her usually overnight camp. This is the 4th time she’s gone. The second time it’s for 2 weeks. I know she’ll have a blast, but I’m a little sad that we won’t see her for another two weeks, and when she’s back summer is pretty much over.

POD: Picking up Diva

Today we picked up Violet from camp. It was her first time at an overnight hockey camp and she seems to have really enjoyed it.

POD: Where’s the Playground?

On the Friday before the Long weekend, I noticed a lot of workers in our neighbourhood park. At first, I thought they were just doing repairs but it soon became clear that they were taking everything down. I believe it’s for an upgrade to the park, but apart from an announcement for consultations from 2017 I haven’t found the plans. At the time I thought it strange that they would do it right before a long weekend. A weekend that usually sees lots of kids playing in the park. I assumed that they would begin work on Tuesday, but as you can see, they haven’t.

POD: And then there was Tenis

Last summer while away at camp Violet discovered tennis, and she really enjoyed it. Ever since we’ve tried to find a way for her to continue playing it, but with our busy schedule, it’s been hard. This last parks and rec session we found a 1 on 1 tennis lesson that mostly worked with our schedule. We had a few weeks that we just couldn’t make it because of other commitments and were even late once or twice trying to switch between activities, but violet loved it and I loved watching her progress each week. Last night was her last class of the session, perhaps its time to get the family some rackets so we can play together.

POD: Birthday Ride down White Water Canyon

Today we celebrated Jacob’s birthday with a trip to Canada’s Wonderland. I can’t believe my little boy is 12 years old.  It was a great day spent mostly at Splashworks, enjoying the Waterslides, wave pool and Lazy river. We did find time for a trip down the White Water Canyon too.

POD: Jacob in a Tree

Today was Ball Hockey practice, and while Violet practised Jacob climbed trees.

POD: A Rainless trip to Brampton

The summer is here and that means our Sunday mornings are spent at the lacrosse field. Today we were in Brampton, and for the first time in 3 years of lacrosse, it didn’t rain. Sure it looked like it was going to for most of the morning, but it held off till after Violet’s games were done. The day started out with the team playing really well against a very tough opponent, unfortunately, it ended with 2 loses. Still watching them today you can see the promise of the team, giving me hope for the rest of the season.

POD: Celebrating with Friends and Video Games

Today we celebrated Jacob turning twelve with friends, family and of course Video Games.  It’s so hard to believe that my boy will be twelve in a week. Where does the time go…

POD: New years day craft

It was a lazy day, spent mostly in PJs making slime. So what better way to remember it then this picture of violet, as she got all the ingredients for slime creation.

POD: Ringing in the New Year with a Pie in the face

A new year has begun and for my first picture of 2018, I have one from last night. Violet and Jacob playing Pie in the Face showdown. Violet one the round and Jacob rung in the new year with a face of whipped cream.