POD: Camp Certificate

Today we have a picture of Jacobs camp certificate.  The entire camp was a bit of a surprise. We were just browsing the Microsoft store at Square One when Jacob came running up asking if he could join the camp. Next thing we know he has 2 hours of Microsoft camp for a few days. […]

POD: Water War

Last night we had a small water balloon fight,  the kids loved it. So today before dinner we filled up another batch of water balloons and the water guns and had at it.  The kids loved it and so did I.  I had fotgoten how much fun water fights could be.  I don’t think that […]

Jacob’s Christmas Concert

This week was Jacob’s Christmas concert, it’s the first one that Melissa missed. The school did a Nativity play, with kids from different grades all having roles and the classes taking turns signing. It’s always fun to watch the littler kids sing there songs. One of the kindergarten classes did Little drummer boy and though […]

Fatherhood Friday: Saying goodbye to snores

Last night on my way to bed I stood and watched my little girl sleeping.  As I watched her was two thoughts com into my mind,  one she doesn’t look herself without her hair and to how precious she is to me. As I stood there I heard her little snores and was reminded about […]

Fatherhood Friday: Growing up

Today we take Violet to see her ENT doctor for the finial check up before her surgery next month. I have tried to write about the coming surgery on and off all day. I wanted to write about how we decided that this is the right choice for our little girl, about how the thought […]

Dear Jacob

Yesterday Your mother and I went to your school to meet with your teacher and she told us you were doing great in school. That makes your Mom and I very proud Jacob. While I sat there talking to your teacher I couldn’t help but wonder where the time has gone. It feels just like […]

Surprise Guest

Today when I got home from work I was surprised to see we had a couple of visitors. Our friend Suzanne and her new-born baby Nate. Well I guess not quite new-born, he was born two month ago but didn’t come home until this week.  Seeing the little guy when I walked through the door was a bit […]