POD: The EX 2016 Family

POD: The EX 2016

Today was our annual trip to the Canadian National Exhibition. It was a beautiful day for it. Not a cloud in the sky , but it was never too ho…
POD: Birthday Dinner Family

POD: Birthday Dinner

The ninth is Jacob's birthday, but he's going to a Blue jays game with his Nan so we celebrated the night before at his favourite restaurant.
POD: Vesta Burger Featured

POD: Vesta Burger

Yesterday I took a longer than normal lunch hour, that included dropping Melissa off at work. So while driving back to my office I couldn't he…
POD: Jacob’s Poster Family

POD: Jacob’s Poster

Today we have a picture of Jacob working on his PSA for his media literacy project. He worked really hard on it, first coming up with the idea…
POD: Mona Lisa in Space Family

POD: Mona Lisa in Space

With parent teacher interviews over the last couple of days I got see see some of the art work at the school. So for today's picture of the da…
POD: Watching hockey Family

POD: Watching hockey

Today we headed to dinner with Nana and Papa,  while there I captured this this picture of Violet as she watched the leafs game.  It was great…
POD: Link Family

POD: Link

Tonight we headed the kids school for their Halloween Dance.  But kids were excited to be there with their friends.  While I tried to get a pi…
POD: Toronto at Night Featured

POD: Toronto at Night

On a day that saw our family spending the evening in a couple of hockey rinks, I thought I'd go another way with my picture of the day. Here i…
POD: Dancing Hockey Star Dance

POD: Dancing Hockey Star

As the we continue to gear up for the fall season of activities we're seeing more and more overlap. Today we had Hockey then Dance, usually we…
POD: Summer Tradition Family

POD: Summer Tradition

Today we headed down to the CNE for a day of family fun. It was hot and crowded but the kids seemed to enjoy the day. I didn't manage t try th…
POD: Over to soon Family

POD: Over to soon

Today we headed up to pick up Violet and Ben from Summer camp. While both were happy to see their parents, I think they both would have been h…
POD: Camp Selfie Family

POD: Camp Selfie

Today we sent Violet off to her first overnight camp. She was so excited to go. I tried to get a nice picture with just me and her.... That di…