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POD: Double Burger


Today we have a picture of my lunch.  A BBQed double cheese burger.  Not my favourite picture of the day,  but it’s the only picture I have for today.

POD: Little Helpers


Today we have a picture of Violet and Ben,  as the help making lunch.  They were little Helpers most of the morning.  They look so cute in their ‘chief hats’.

POD: Patio Dinner

For dinner tonight I thought the kids could have grilled cheese, but instead of cooking them in the frying pan like normal, I thought I’d try using the BBQ. The best part of it was that while I was cooking Jacob took the time to wipe down the table and set it, without me asking. He even set up the plates to look like faces.

POD: A Tasty dinner


Today we have a picture of my tasty and strangely healthy,  dinner.  I know it’s not my most creative picture of the day, but it’s all I have for today.

POD: Note from Violet’s teacher

Usually when teachers send home notes, it’s about how the kids are doing. Today we got one on how Melissa and I are doing with the kids lunches. As you have seen in pictures of the day in the past, we try to give our kids well-balanced and varied lunches. It’s nice to know that someone notices.

POD: Exceptional Service

Today after swimming I took My mom and the kids out for a special treat, dinner at Swiss Chalet. While ordering food the kids argued about which plate would have Veggies and which would have Fries. I always try to get one of each and split them between them. While the waitress heard the discussion and when the plates came out I was amazed to see that the Veggies and Fries were already split between them. It’s that kind of service I like to reward with a big tip.

Geek Musing: Breakfast


I’m not a morning person, never have been. Probably never will be, but having kids has made it necessary for me to be up and useful first thing in the morning. Most days it’s Melissa and I working together to get it all done. We have to them dressed, pack their lunches, and make sure they eat a good breakfast. It can make for a busy morning, specially if we wake up late. One of the hardest things for me is breakfast. I don’t like to eat when I first wake up, but I know that I should but I don’t always mange it. For the kids eating breakfast isn’t optional. We make sure they have something every morning, often something different for each of them.

In the morning the two of them are so different, on most days Jacob will take or leave breakfast. It’s a challenge to get him to sit at the table and eat. Violet wakes up hungry and is asking for something almost immediately. She’s our little alarm clock (Unless we really need to get up then she sleeps in).  The last couple of days has been more relaxed, Violet’s been coming into our room at 7am saying she’s hungry so we’ve been up with the kids early and have had plenty of time to pack their lunches, get them dressed and make sure they both have a good breakfast. One plus of this is the last 2 days, I’ve enjoyed a nice cheese and veggie omelet that Melissa has made for me. I have to say, when I have enough time I really like having a hot breakfast in the morning. Especially on these could January Days. I guess maybe it’s the to look at what it would take to be a morning person.

POD: January BBQ

BBQing in January
If you would have told me last week that I’d be firing up the grill today, I’d have laughed in your face.  So tonight when I got home from work I headed out and grilled up a couple of pork chops for the family for dinner, I had to capture it. The weather has been so extreme this January, but I’ll take advantage of the warmer days when I can. I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to fire up the old BBQ before spring.

POD: Delicious Stew


Today Melissa tried her had at making a beef stew in our crock pot. After spending the day with the smell of the stew filling the House I finally got to taste it at dinner, All I can say is that it was delicious, I’m so glad Melissa decided to make it today. Of course I could only manage to eat a bit more then a bowl before I was stuffed. Of course there is always tomorrow dinner.

POD: Dinner for Daddy


For dinner tonight I had an Egg White omelet, with Onions, Mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Of course I had some Snap Peas, because as I tell the kids you always need to eat your vegetables.