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POD: Celebrating with Family and Food


Today we Celebrated my uncle Walters 70 birthday at the Mandarin. It was great to see all the family. Though I took lots of pictures of family I thought these one of the kids enjoying some cotton candy made a great picture of the day.

POD: A Birthday with Family


Today I got home from work to find a delicious dinner complete with a home-made birthday cake waiting for me. It was a special evening that I loved to share with my family.

POD: Evening Ice Cream


Well it wasn’t fair that we went for Ice Cream without Jacob on Sunday, so today after dinner we headed back to Toms Dairy Freeze as a family.

POD: Ice Cream with Violet

Sunday is a busy day for kids activities for our little family, but today we had the added complication of a rehearsal for Violet’s dance classes. So while Jacob hung out with his Nan for the day Melissa and I took Violet to dance and then out for some Ice Cream afterwards.

POD: Lunch for two


This morning like most mornings I headed into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. Today I turned to our old standby, tray lunches. When they were done I thought they looked good enough to take a picture. So here they are our picture of the day.

POD: Our Princess Helps Bake


This morning while Melissa worked Violet and I did some baking. Usually it’s Melissa who bakes with the kids, but this morning I was inspired to make some Banana Bread. We don’t need to talk about how it was a Robin Hood Quick Bread Mix.

POD: Chicken and Shrimp for Daddy

Tonight it was just me for dinner, with Melissa working and the kids hanging with their Nana and Papa. So I thought I’d try something a little different. I made up a stir fry with Chicken and shrimp. It was delicious.

POD: Last DQ Cone


Today was free Cone day at Dairy Queen, so after dinner our little family headed out to get celebrate the warming weather and Dairy Queens 75 birthday with a cone. We were greeted with a sign on the door saying the free cones ended at ‘6 pm sharp!’. With two kids excited for ice cream I had little choice but to pay for a pair of cones. When I asked the staff about it they were flippant and dismissive saying the free cones ended at six. I should have left right then and got the kids ice cream somewhere else. Instead we stayed and the kids tried chocolate dipped cones for the first time. They both loved them. It saddens me that I don’t want to take them back there again.

On a side note, I want to say it’s not about the money. I probably would have bought myself a blizzard instead of having a free cone myself. What bothers me is that they advertised all day free cones, that’s not what they delivered. What they delivered feels like a scam, bring customers in for a free cone, but don’t actually give away any cones. I’m sure more people bought something then just walked away. It may not have been their plan but sitting there with my kids watching the people line up it sure looked like it to me.

POD: Pizza Night


Tonight we made home-made pizza. The kids loved picking the toppings and putting them on the way they wanted it.

POD: Dinner Is Served

Finding healthy and different choices for dinner each night can be a challenge. Tonight I made a bbqed pork chops with broccoli and a side pasta.