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POD: Picking a Cake for Violet


Violet’s birthday party is fast approaching, so tonight Melissa and I headed out to pick out her cake.

POD: A Cake for Violet

Tonight Melissa was hard at work, wrapping up Violet’s gifts and making her a homemade Mint Chocolate Chip and Oreo Ice Cream Cake, for our little family celebration tomorrow. Her big celebration will happen next week with a bunch of her friends from school.

POD: Evening Beer


Tonight as the evening was winding down I thought it might be nice to have a beer.  Tonights beer of choice is The Public House Square Nail Pale Ale.  It’s an ok Brew but not sure I’ll be picking it up again.

POD: Dinner for 3

With Melissa back at work I find dinner prep resting on just me. Finding a variety of food that the kids will eat can be a bit of a challenge. Tonight we had BBQ pork chops with a side of pasta and veggie (peas and carrots(. They both seemed to enjoy it, though Violet wanted more pasta than pork chops.

POD: Teaching Jacob to Cook


One of Jacob’s favourite breakfasts is a Sausage on an English Muffin. He loves when Melissa makes it for him, but this morning we changed things up. He made it for himself It was fun watching as he realized how simple cooking really is. I wonder what the next thing we’ll tackle together in the kitchen.

POD: Prime Rib Dinner


Tonight was our board Christmas dinner at Ember Hotstove. So for my picture of the day I have my Prime Rib dinner.

POD: Random Acts of Pizza

A few weeks ago I tweeted out a picture of Violet at Hockey practice, and I was tweeted back by Panago Pizza, with a Random Act of Pizza. At the time I had never heard of Panago, and wasn’t sure what a Random Act of Pizza was. It was about a week before it arrived. A free Medium pizza, so tonight I headed up to the closest Panago pizza store to give them a try. They Pizza was delicious, though I did have one problem when I went to pick it up, they have so many delicious looking pizzas I didn’t know what to order.  I will definitely be ordering from them again.


POD: Gingerbread Row


Today we got together with friends for some Christmas fun. It was fun to watch the little ones decorating their Gingerbread houses. The hardest part for the kids were not eating the houses tonight.

POD: Barbequing in December

Tonight I came home to find that Jacob had eaten at his Nan’s house but Violet had slept through dinner. So after pondering what to make for the two of us, I fired up the barbecue and through on some Hotdogs for her and a couple burgers for me. My goal this winter is to barbeque at least once a month, part of me would like to try for once a week.

POD: Halloween Haul


Today was Halloween and boy did the kids have fun. Usually I have pictures of them in their costumes for my POD, but this year, with the weather so lousy I decided to use a picture of the candy they got. Usually it would have been sorted by now, but after a long night trick or treating nobody was up to that.