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POD: Breakfast Creations


Breakfast is not always an easy time in our house. Everyone running around getting things ready for the day. One of the challenges has been finding something everyone would eat. Recently that’s been Pancakes. Usually, Chocolate chip Pancakes, though I have been known to make a Sprinkle Pancake or two. After weeks of making Pancakes day after day I started experimenting with different shapes and designs. So far, I haven’t really mastered it, but today I managed to make one that I think looks like BB8. What do you think?

POD: First play Again of the year

Today I found myself making an extra stop at Tim Hortons. I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to roll up the rim.

POD: Sometimes you just need Cupcakes

Melissa and the kids spent some time baking cupcakes, because well baking is fun. So they seemed perfect for today’s picture of the day.

POD: Vesta Burger

Vesta Burger

Yesterday I took a longer than normal lunch hour, that included dropping Melissa off at work. So while driving back to my office I couldn’t help myself. I had to stop at Vesta Lunch (Read about it here), my goto place for a late night / early morning snack during my misspent youth. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

POD: Chicken Parm

Last night we headed to East-side Mario’s with Nana, Papa, and the kids. I snapped a picture of my Chicken Parmesan. It was good, but not as good as Melissa makes.

POD: A Burger made to order


On some night’s it’s nice to not have to cook dinner, so the Kids, Nan and I headed to the newly renovated McDonalds. We ordered from the new self service terminals, and there I couldn’t resist the new Create Your Taste burger. I have to say, the burger complete with Sautéed Onions and Mushrooms, was quite good. Though Jacob that it looked to fancy for McDonalds.

POD: Rolling up the Rim to try again


Another day another teacher interview. Today we have some art work from Violet’s weekend jurnal. She wrote about last weekend when I took her to Tim Hortons after her hockey game last week, and she had a Muffin and a Hot Chocolate. Rolling up the Rim really stuck with her. Even thought we both got Try Again.

POD: Shopping for Meat

Every morning the question of what to give the kids for lunch has to be answered. So yesterday evening I headed out to pick up some salami for the kids lunches. While there I captured this picture of the meat counter.

POD: Chocolaty Goodness


It’s the first of november and while it’s a very busy month, the first always means treat day. so today I thought I’d share a close up picture of the kids chocolate haul.

POD: A Great Night for Trick or Treating


Tonight was a great night for the kids to go out Trick or Treating. It’s the first time in years that it wasn’t raining, brutally cold, or both. It was great watching the kids go from house to house, collecting their mounds of candy.