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POD: Halloween Haul


Today was Halloween and boy did the kids have fun. Usually I have pictures of them in their costumes for my POD, but this year, with the weather so lousy I decided to use a picture of the candy they got. Usually it would have been sorted by now, but after a long night trick or treating nobody was up to that.

POD: Stir Fry for One

Tonight I came home from work to an empty house, I don’t remember the last time that happened. The kids were off on an adventure with their Nan, and Melissa’s hadn’t returned from her afternoon appointment. So it was just me and Ruby for dinner. Ruby had her usual dog food, but I wanted something different. So I made myself a steak stir fry. I don’t do a lot of cooking, but it’s nice to know that I can more than just BBQ.

POD: Final Thanksgiving at Nanas

Today we headed to Nana and Papa’s for the Thanksgiving dinner.It was a great evening, but also a little sad to say good-bye to the house. Before dinner we gave each said something about the house that we were thankful for, listening to the kids say what they were thankful for was sweet.

POD: A Real Sheppers Pie


I came home to a bit of a surprise tonight, Melissa had mad us a Shepherds Pie, with Lamb instead of beef. It was amazing, the only negative was the kids wouldn’t try it. Of course that really isn’t a negative, as it means more for me.

POD: Steak Pie


Today Melissa picked up some treats for us from Wiseys Pies & Bakehouse. I’d popped in last week and tried a few of their small pies, today she brought home to of the bigger ones. We only ate one tonight, the Stake Pie, it was amazing.  We still have a Butter Chicken pie for another day.

POD: Double Burger


Today we have a picture of my lunch.  A BBQed double cheese burger.  Not my favourite picture of the day,  but it’s the only picture I have for today.

POD: Little Helpers


Today we have a picture of Violet and Ben,  as the help making lunch.  They were little Helpers most of the morning.  They look so cute in their ‘chief hats’.

POD: Patio Dinner

For dinner tonight I thought the kids could have grilled cheese, but instead of cooking them in the frying pan like normal, I thought I’d try using the BBQ. The best part of it was that while I was cooking Jacob took the time to wipe down the table and set it, without me asking. He even set up the plates to look like faces.

POD: A Tasty dinner


Today we have a picture of my tasty and strangely healthy,  dinner.  I know it’s not my most creative picture of the day, but it’s all I have for today.

POD: Note from Violet’s teacher

Usually when teachers send home notes, it’s about how the kids are doing. Today we got one on how Melissa and I are doing with the kids lunches. As you have seen in pictures of the day in the past, we try to give our kids well-balanced and varied lunches. It’s nice to know that someone notices.