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POD: Late Night Video Games


I captured tonight’s picture of the day after Jacob had gone to sleep. I powered up his new XBox One and headed back to the French Revolution with Assassins Creed Unity.

POD: Going Retro


Today Jacob had a dose of Retro gaming. At a local sub shop they have a classic table top Ms. Pac-Man game. Jacob was surprisingly excited to play it. I foresee many trips to that sub shop in my future.

POD: Jacob at his Desk

Today we setup Melissa’s old laptop on Jacob’s new desk to give him a real computer in his room. He was so excited to have a computer in there that he can play MineCraft on.

Tech Tuesday: NaNoWriMo


Yesterday I wrote about my personal experience competing in NaNoWriMo, Today I thought I would take a look at the different technology I used to try to reach 50,000 words. My first year I had a personal notebook that I wrote on quite successfully. In the years since my laptop died and I haven’t replaced really replaced it. So instead I’ve tried a few different technologies for writing my novel. One year I had hopped to write on my Motorola Milestone, I thought with its slide out keyboard it would be perfect. It wasn’t. So this year I was thrilled when through some opportunities at home and work I started November we access to a Laptop and a Tablet to write my novel. So I thought I’d break this post into two parts, first I will compare the Hardware and then I will compare the different software I used.

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POD: Writing Supplies

WritingSuppliesIt’s November so that means another month of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I’m off to a slow start, but I’m hopping that the supplies I’ve gathered for tonight will help.

POD: Android Me

Android Geek

In honour of Google announcing Android 5.0 Lollypop I thought it would be fun to share my Android self from Googles Androidify app.

POD: My Work Desktop


Today we have a picture of my desk at the office. To be fair I had a bit of an explosion of screens today. My work computer is the middle to monitors, on the left is the laptop I’ve been using to test Windows 10, and on the right is my nieces broken laptop I had brought to the office recover some of her files. Looking at the setup tonight, has me thinking that I should see if I can make it permanently.

Tech Tuesday: Galaxy Note 3

Today I thought I’d take some time to give a basic review of my Galaxy Note 3. I’ve been thinking about writing this review for a while, but I always got bogged down with history and which features I should write about. Today I set that all aside and write about the phone, and what I think about it.

It’s Big!

That was the first thought I had in store when I was purchasing it. Put a case on it and it’s even bigger. So the question you have to ask yourself is do you want a big phone. For me the answer was yes, in fact I’ve been wanting a Galaxy Note since the first one ship three years ago. I got the Note 3 to replace my Nexus 7 that suffered an unfortunate accident. I didn’t want to relied on my tiny Lumia 520 as my only personal internet device. So I upgraded my phone to a Note 3 and went from carrying two devices to carrying one. So the size didn’t bother me.

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POD: A Lumia for Nan


Today I went to the Fido store with my mom to help her pick out a new phone. She didn’t want a new phone, she loved her old Xperia Pro with its slide out keyboard, but it just wasn’t cutting it any more.  So after looking over her options, she settled on the Nokia Lumia 635. It seemed to be the best phone she could get without signing a contract or paying an arm and a leg. I’m hoping to do a bit of a write-up on it next week. I just need to get some time to play with it first.

POD: A geeky delema


Today Microsoft released a technical preview of Windows 10. So I’ve started looking for a place to install it for testing.  I started with a virtual machine,  but couldn’t get it to install.  My next step was to try and setup a dual boot on one of our computers. It failed.  Couldn’t get it to boot off the USB stick so it leaves me with the question to I Ru  a technical preview as the only OS o n a computer our family uses on a daily basis?