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The future of gaming?

Ever since the first launch video I knew that we’d be getting Jacob a Nintendo Switch for his next birthday. Watching this video, for the first time I thought maybe I shouldn’t wait for Jacob’s birthday maybe I should get it for myself on my birthday.

POD: Jacob’s Writing

The other day I asked Jacob to put down his electronics and write me something, and after his first attempt which was just the word ‘something’ he wrote this.

POD: Coding and Beer

Last night I headed out for what started out as being a working meeting but somehow ended up including wings and beer. So I took a picture of the code to show that it wasn’t just fun and games.

POD: Programming Books


While cleaning my desk at work the other day I was surprised to see a stack of programming books. Usually they sit hidden behind one of my many monitors. It got me thinking about when the last time I had actually opened one of them. I can’t remember. I can remember reading a few of those books like novels, as I tried to learn the secretes they contain. Or reaching for them looking up some command I couldn’t remember. Now they just sit there, and Google provides the answers. It leaves me wondering what should I do with them? How useful is the information they contain?

Tech Tuesday: Coding on the Go

20150305_102430_Riverview Gardens (2)

For months I’ve tried to write-up my experience trying to turn my Note 10.1 tablet into a coding machine. I’ve had this post sitting in my draft folder since February every so often I pull it out and try to finish writing it. every time so far I have saved incomplete. Of course my circumstances have changed a bit since I started writing this, but I still think there is useful information for others in this post. So this last weekend I finally sat down and finished it. So I’ll be writing up a post to discuss what’s changed and why I’m less interested in finding development solutions for Android.

One of the reasons for replacing my Nexus 7 with the larger Note 10.1 was that I wanted to use my tablet for more than entertainment. From blogging to note tacking it has severed me well over the last 6 months, What I have yet to find a way to do productively and consistently is write code. To be fair up until the beginning of the year I haven’t made that a priority, I was content with using CodeAnywhere to make minor tweaks to projects, that was until it failed me completely when I was trying to write a procedure to review my picture of the day posts from 2014, ever since then I’ve tried to find alternatives. I’ve even been in contact with CodeAnywhere support, who’ve been reasonably responsive when dealing with a non paying customer, but ultimately it’s not reliable enough to be my primary mobile solution or even move up from the free service.  So where does that leave me?

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POD: Profile Picture for Ruby


Today I captured this picture of Ruby,  when I showed it to Melissa she said it looked like  profile picture.  So I set one up for her, @thedogRuby. I’m not sure if I’ll post anything on it, but it’s there if I want.

POD: Blue Jays Spirit

Today at the kid’s school was Blue Jays Spirit day, so the kids got all dressed up.

POD: International Coffee Day!


Well Since today is International Coffee Day, I thought I’d use a picture of my morning coffee for my picture of the day.


POD: Late Night Coding


Tonight I spent the evening after the kids went to bed coding.  I post this as the day runs out and I don’t have a clear Idea when I’ll be done for the night.

POD: Evening at Starbucks


Tonight I found myself sitting at Starbucks  looking into my laptop screen trying to decide what to work on. Instead of the usual coding project, I pulled up my blog and began working on a few blog posts I hope to post in the coming weeks. Of course I’ve tried to get the posts I worked on tonight posted for the last few months. Here is hoping that this time will be different. While sitting there writing I snapped today’s picture of the day.