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POD: Jacob’s Poké Ball

Jacob's  Poké Ball

The other day Jacob came home from day camp with this creation. His very own Poké Ball. It’s amazed me how into Pokémon my boy has become. I think it’s finally dethroned Power Rangers for his favourite toys right now. Of course between Figures, Video Games, TV shows and the Card game there is a lot of different things to entertain him.

POD: Is it the Minecraft or Microsoft store


Tonight I had an appointment at the Microsoft Answer Bar for some warranty service. The service was excellent as always, and Jacob seemed happy to spend the appointment entertaining himself on the different computers and XBox around the store. He can’t wait till he goes for Microsoft Camp in a couple of weeks.

POD: Build Your


Today I headed down to the Build Tours toronto stop to learn what’s coming in Windows 10.

Geek Musing: Joys of Programming

I am a programmer, ever since I wrote my first basic program on the Commodore 64 when I was 6 years old, I have loved to program. I do it at work, I do it at home, j have even spent the last 4 months trying to find a way to do it productively on the go(More on that soon). Over the years the type of programming I’ve done has changed, most recently I’ve been focused primarily on web-based projects. Last week I started a new project for a client, a simple desktop application for searching an online database we have developed for a client. It’s not a complicated app, just a simple search with a basic list of results, but I couldn’t stop working on it.  It was great, over the course of a weekend I went from nothing to an application ready for testing and final tweaks.

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POD: A Day at Toronto ComiCon


Today Jacob and I headed down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for ComiCon. It was quite an experience, though we didn’t get to see the two Power Rangers Actors that Jacob really wanted to see, and there was a real lake of any Power Rangers Merchandise. We did find a couple of booths with Japanese power ranger toys, that Jacob really like.  Overall it was a fun day and I think we might brave Fan Expo in September. Though the promise of a big Japanese Power Ranger booth has Jacob trying to convince me to go to Anime North. It also has me thinking back to when I went to Penguin Con in Detroit over 10 years ago. Wondering if I can convince Melissa I should head there again.

POD:Waiting for Windows


Yesterday Microsoft released the latest build of Windows 10 into the wild. I spent the day working at a clients so I couldn’t install it on my testing computer. So this morning one of the first things I did was set up my second computer to install the latest build. Unfortunately the first attempt failed, and it was only 10% done when I left for the day. I’m hoping to arrive at work in the morning with it all done, but I fear it might have failed again.

The one thing that surprised me is how much I missed having the extra two screens during my work day. It’s only been a bit over a months since I added them, but I’ve been come really attached to the extra screen space. Not to mention having somethings running on a different system is handy too.

POD: My Pens

Today we have a picture of my Pens. Over the years I’ve been attached to a number of pens. So today I thought I’d take a picture of my current pens. Of course technically two of them are styluses, but there at the top is by current Parker pen. I got that one a year and a half ago, when I was still using my little books for taking notes, and tracking my work times.  Now I do that using OneNote on my Phone and Tablet. Still it’s nice to have a good pen.

POD: Coding on a Tablet


After dropping Melissa and Violet off at the Science Centre for a play day with a bunch of her friends, I decided to run a little experiment. I headed to a Starbucks with just my Cell Phone and Tablet to see how much code I could write. Though I came up a bit short of my goals, I did find it a successful day.


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POD: A Geek Desk

Back in October I shared a picture of my desk, with an explosion of screens(POD: My Work Desktop). It represented an extreme that I wished for, but didn’t have the technology to support. To add insult to it I had the spare monitor I used with my Nieces laptop that day sitting on my desk, but I had no computer to power it. Today that changed. Today I decided that the old laptop with windows 10 wasn’t up to being lugged around to coffee shops. It still works when it has a nice stable home, but we didn’t have a good place for it at our place, so I thought, why not set it up on my desk at work. After a bit of rejiggering my desk I had it hooked up to the spare monitory (and connected with Synergy), to form my 4 screen desktop. I through my Tablet in on the left because I could.

Of course I’m not sure how well this set up will work, it is an older laptop, but I’m excited to give it a try, it will also getting me working with windows 10 on a daily basis, so that I’ll know when and if the technical previews are ready to be installed on my main computers.

POD: Coding Fuel

One of the things I like about my work is the variety, though on some days its less stimulating than others. For example today was spent installing the office on over a dozen computers. Time consuming but not very challenging. So tonight when I got home I decided put a personal project on the fast track and today’s picture of the day is the supplies I got to fuel my evening of coding. I don’t want to say what I’m working on just yet, but I hope to soon. What I will say is that when it is done I will finally have something that I’ve written that I use everyday.