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POD: My Pens

Today we have a picture of my Pens. Over the years I’ve been attached to a number of pens. So today I thought I’d take a picture of my current pens. Of course technically two of them are styluses, but there at the top is by current Parker pen. I got that one a year and a half ago, when I was still using my little books for taking notes, and tracking my work times.  Now I do that using OneNote on my Phone and Tablet. Still it’s nice to have a good pen.

POD: Coding on a Tablet


After dropping Melissa and Violet off at the Science Centre for a play day with a bunch of her friends, I decided to run a little experiment. I headed to a Starbucks with just my Cell Phone and Tablet to see how much code I could write. Though I came up a bit short of my goals, I did find it a successful day.


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POD: A Geek Desk

Back in October I shared a picture of my desk, with an explosion of screens(POD: My Work Desktop). It represented an extreme that I wished for, but didn’t have the technology to support. To add insult to it I had the spare monitor I used with my Nieces laptop that day sitting on my desk, but I had no computer to power it. Today that changed. Today I decided that the old laptop with windows 10 wasn’t up to being lugged around to coffee shops. It still works when it has a nice stable home, but we didn’t have a good place for it at our place, so I thought, why not set it up on my desk at work. After a bit of rejiggering my desk I had it hooked up to the spare monitory (and connected with Synergy), to form my 4 screen desktop. I through my Tablet in on the left because I could.

Of course I’m not sure how well this set up will work, it is an older laptop, but I’m excited to give it a try, it will also getting me working with windows 10 on a daily basis, so that I’ll know when and if the technical previews are ready to be installed on my main computers.

POD: Coding Fuel

One of the things I like about my work is the variety, though on some days its less stimulating than others. For example today was spent installing the office on over a dozen computers. Time consuming but not very challenging. So tonight when I got home I decided put a personal project on the fast track and today’s picture of the day is the supplies I got to fuel my evening of coding. I don’t want to say what I’m working on just yet, but I hope to soon. What I will say is that when it is done I will finally have something that I’ve written that I use everyday.

POD: Homework?


Today we have a picture of Jacob at Violet’s dance class. Instead of sitting in the main room Jacob and I hung out in the Homework room. I worked away on my tablet, while Jacob worked on his Pokémon collection.

POD: Late Night Video Games


I captured tonight’s picture of the day after Jacob had gone to sleep. I powered up his new XBox One and headed back to the French Revolution with Assassins Creed Unity.

POD: Going Retro


Today Jacob had a dose of Retro gaming. At a local sub shop they have a classic table top Ms. Pac-Man game. Jacob was surprisingly excited to play it. I foresee many trips to that sub shop in my future.

POD: Jacob at his Desk

Today we setup Melissa’s old laptop on Jacob’s new desk to give him a real computer in his room. He was so excited to have a computer in there that he can play MineCraft on.

Tech Tuesday: NaNoWriMo


Yesterday I wrote about my personal experience competing in NaNoWriMo, Today I thought I would take a look at the different technology I used to try to reach 50,000 words. My first year I had a personal notebook that I wrote on quite successfully. In the years since my laptop died and I haven’t replaced really replaced it. So instead I’ve tried a few different technologies for writing my novel. One year I had hopped to write on my Motorola Milestone, I thought with its slide out keyboard it would be perfect. It wasn’t. So this year I was thrilled when through some opportunities at home and work I started November we access to a Laptop and a Tablet to write my novel. So I thought I’d break this post into two parts, first I will compare the Hardware and then I will compare the different software I used.

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POD: Writing Supplies

WritingSuppliesIt’s November so that means another month of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I’m off to a slow start, but I’m hopping that the supplies I’ve gathered for tonight will help.