POD: Portal Hunting

For the last few weeks I’ve played a game Ingres on my phone. I like the merging of digital and real world  of the game. Of course this means that when I’m out walking I often go an extra block here and there to ‘Hack’ a portal. The kids aren’t really fans of this, often […]

POD: Xbox and Beer

With the family all snuggled up in their beds, it’s time for me to relax with a beer and some Watch Dogs, my father’s day gift from the family.

Tech Tuesday: Lumia 520

At the beginning of December I purchased a new phone. The Nokia Lumia 520. I bought if because it was cheep and my phone died, and with over a year left on my contract my options were limited. I did look at other low-end phones, but I couldn’t see using a low-end Android phone after […]


Today as I was heading back to the office I was a couple of new TTC buses. Well at least it was the first time I’d seen low floor articulated buses. Turns out they have been on the road since December. It’s nice to see new buses on Toronto streets, I just can’t wait till […]

POD: Haking the Wii

From Picture of the Day 2013 For weeks Jacob has been asking me to hak the Wii so he could play Newer Super Mario Bros. Today I finally did, first with our old Wii and then on the main one. It was a simple process and he was so happy once it was done. I […]

When Backups Fail

Recently I have found myself thinking about why I started to blog. What did I hope to accomplish by writing in such a public way. My First blog was called Michael’s Thoughts. I started it to write about becoming a father. At least that’s what I think it was. You see I don’t have my […]

POD: Skylander: Shroomboom

From Picture of the Day 2013 Another day and another Skylander, Today we have Lightcore ShroomBoom. The little guy showed up in Jacob’s Easter Basket. I’m not sure what’s so special about Lightcore Skylanders, but Jacob sure seems to like him.

POD: Skylander: Tree Rex

From Picture of the Day 2013 Tonight a Skylander Giant makes an appearance as my picture of the day. For tonights Skylander I’ve chosen Tree Rex.

POD: Skylander: Whirlwind

From Picture of the Day 2013 Another day another Skylander, I hope to get back to real pictures in the coming days. I’m hoping to not need to post a Skylander again till March, but you’ll have to stay tuned to see if I can make it.

POD: Skylander: Chrusher

From Picture of the Day 2013 Another evening without a picture, so out comes the Skylanders. Today it’s Crusher. I thought about reading the characters bio and including some of it in my post, but that would just be crazy.