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POD: Violet and her Little Friend


This morning as we headed off to school we were greeted by Violet’s little ‘Snow Bear’. I wanted to take a picture for today’s picture of the day, so she posed with her creation. As much as she insists that it is a snow bear the rest of the household thinks it looks more like a snow Angry Bird. either way it’s cute and I’m impressed with the ingenuity she showed picking the pieces for its Eyes, nose, mouth and even arms.

POD: A Window onto the Season


Early this morning I found myself standing in front of the old Simpsons building, now the Bay and It brought a a smile to may face to see that they had gone back to more traditional Christmas window display. I remember as a kid enjoy my trips down to see them every year. Of course now I have to plan a trip with my kids to see them. There were 4 or 5 window displays each showing their own Christmas theme complete with limited movement. Part of me wants to say these windows are up early, but then I remember the Toronto Santa Clause Parade is this Sunday.

POD: Another Writing Session with Jacob

20141110_180759_Velma Dr(1)

With Jacob still recovering from getting tubes in his ears, he was forced to miss swimming. So Jacob and I hit the Second Cup near swimming to work on our novels. It was a productive day, Jacob wrote another 300 words and I got close to 1000. Sure I’m still behind, but I had a great time with my boy.

POD: Evening Walk


Tonight we have a picture of the sky that I took during an after work walk. I thought setting sun looked cool against the clouds.

POD: The City Votes

Today Toronto went to the polls to replace our Mayor and City Council. The results weren’t ideal, but it could have been worse.

POD: Pick your Posion

This morning I went to get a coffee in a clients launch room, and for a moment I was a little leery of actually drinking it. Of course after the multiple cups I had throughout the day, I can say my concerns were unfounded.

POD: A second Thanksgiving


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving again, with the other side of our family. It was a great evening but also a long one.

POD: Hockey and a Beer


Today the NHL season began with the Maple Leafs versus the Canadians. So I grabbed a beer and watched the Maple Leafs lose their first game 4-3.


POD: Waiting Ruby


Today while BBQing dinner I was greeted by Ruby waiting at the door for me to come back inside. She was so cute I had to take a picture.

POD: Hooking Nate Young

Nate plays WiiU

Today Violet had a special outing with her god mother, so little Nate came to our place for a visit. It was great to have the little guy around for the afternoon. He seemed really interested in the WiiU. Got to get him gaming young.