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POD: Pick your Posion

This morning I went to get a coffee in a clients launch room, and for a moment I was a little leery of actually drinking it. Of course after the multiple cups I had throughout the day, I can say my concerns were unfounded.

POD: A second Thanksgiving


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving again, with the other side of our family. It was a great evening but also a long one.

POD: Hockey and a Beer


Today the NHL season began with the Maple Leafs versus the Canadians. So I grabbed a beer and watched the Maple Leafs lose their first game 4-3.


POD: Waiting Ruby


Today while BBQing dinner I was greeted by Ruby waiting at the door for me to come back inside. She was so cute I had to take a picture.

POD: Hooking Nate Young

Nate plays WiiU

Today Violet had a special outing with her god mother, so little Nate came to our place for a visit. It was great to have the little guy around for the afternoon. He seemed really interested in the WiiU. Got to get him gaming young.

POD: Date Night Selfie

2014-09-19 22.22.52

Tonight Melissa and I shared an unexpected date night, and you would think on a night like this I might use a picture of the 2 of us, or maybe some of our dates activities. I decided to go another way. I captured a selfie while waiting for our movie to start. Now a selfie itself probably wouldn’t make it as my picture of the day, but after playing with my phones effects, I thought hey why not.

POD: Back at the Asthma Clinic


With the start of the school year we must prepare for Jacob’s season of  sickness. So before he actually is sick we had his usual check up at the asthma clinic to make sure we were stocked with all the right medications. Melissa captured today’s picture of the day during his breathing test at the appointment.


Updating Geek with Kids


If you are a regular reader of Geek With Kids you might have noticed something different with the site. Last Friday I launched an updated look for With the new look i hope to bring a renewed focus in writing. I’m hesitant to talk about the changes I have planned Considering how many times I’ve written about new series of posts I’m starting that always seem to peetering out after a few posts. So all I will say today is that there should be more than just pictures of the day filling these pages in the coming weeks.

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POD: Where there is smoke there is…


Today after I got home from work I couldn’t help but see the billowing smoke from near our house. It seems that a second fire had started in the burned out warehouse near us. I wondered over with Ruby, to see how big it was. The first fire was massive with ash and debris ending up all over the neighborhood. Today’s seemed minor. All I saw was smoke.

A new morning routine?

Yesterday morning was unlike any I’ve had in more than 2 years,  and even then what happened this morning was rare.  It started normally,  me up with Ruby,  I puttered around the kitchen,  doing the few remaining dishes and making the kids lunches while Ruby ate.  Then with Ruby settled I headed upstairs to get ready for my day.  I found in eerily quit with everyone still asleep.  As I was getting ready for my shower an idea popped into my head and wouldn’t go away.

What if I start my day with a run?

I don’t know where it came from,  I haven’t been out for a run in months,  or more.  But there it was and it wasn’t going g away.  I stopped getting ready for the shower and started hunting for my long discarded running cloths.  Before I knew it I was out on the streets trying to run.

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