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POD: Elf in the Igloo

It seems our Elf on a Shelf was inspired by the kids time playing in the snow. With marshmallows and tooth picks he built is own ‘igloo’. Though it seems he ran out of marshmallows before he could finish.

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POD: Monday Night Practice


After a weekend with 2 hockey games and a practice, we started the week off right back at the rink. She just can’t get enough time on the ice.

POD: After School Smiles



Tim Hortons Smile cookies have returned so today after school the kids had a special treat.

September First: The real new year begins


Today is the first day of September, and though the calendar says there are three more weeks of summer, everyone knows that it’s really only five more days. Ever since I started school Labour Day has marked the true end of summer and the beginning of the new year. As much as we celebrate January 1st, it’s really the first Monday of September that the new year begins. I used to think that when I was done with school that it would change, that Labour Day would be just another holiday, but it hasn’t. Even before I had kids of my own, it still marked a change of seasons. Work seems to pickup after slowing down while people were away during the summer. Now that I have kids, it’s back to being a major event. We go from a summer of a different schedule every week to the fixed schedule of the school year, and the return of our winder activities.

With all that change we are already facing in September I’ve asked myself, if I want to make some personal resolutions, why should I wait till January, why not start now. September brings more changes to my life than January why not add a few more. So today is my resolution day. Today I start some changes in my life.

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POD: Forcing another Game


Yesterday Jacob’s team faced an elimination game. After loosing the first playoff game, they needed to win to force a third and deciding game. I’m happy to say they won.

POD: A Winning Rim


Sure last week I shared a picture of a coffee cup, but I thought I should show every one out there that you can actually win. Of course it’s only a free coffee, but it’s better then nothing.

POD: Violet’s Creations


Today I went a little different for my picture of the day. Instead of a picture from Violet’s hockey practice I thought I’d share a couple of her Minecraft creations. Can you guess who they are?

POD: Playoff Hockey


Sunday was the second game of Violet’s Dolphins playoffs. It was a tough game, they lost 5-3, They are now 1-1 with three games left to play. So they still have a good chance at making the finals.

POD: Hot Chocolate with Violet


Today after Violet’s 2 hour game of Scrimmage at hockey I thought she deserved a reward. So off to Tim Hortons we went for a Hot Chocolate and moffin. It amused me how happy she was when she realized that her hot chocolate had

Returning to the Blog

For over 5 years I took the time every day to share something on my blog. For most of that time it was my picture of the day, but sadly back in November that streak came to an end. I wish I could say what happened, why a month that I was hoping to inspire me to get back to writing regularly on my blog could be when I stopped posting at all. I can’t, it started with me taking longer and longer to post my picture of the day, till one day I didn’t then another and another.  Next thing I knew it was December and I hadn’t shared a picture of the day since November 6th. I took them, but they are just sitting in my photo library waiting to be shared.

I tried to jumpstart my blogging in December, but it failed.

So I set my sights on the new year. I hopped that I could start 2016 with a renewed commitment to the blog. The first came and went with no new posts.
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