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POD: American Girl Brithday


Today we took our niece to the American Girl Story to celebrate her birthday.

POD: Burger for Daddy


Today we have a picture of my Montana’s Bison burger. we were having a nice family dinner out before Jacob heads to Camp for a week on Sunday.

POD: Home Sweet Home


It was a short trip and interesting trip, but it’s still nice to be home. I captured today’s picture of the day as the plan circled Toronto. Can you guess what street is lit up down the centre of the picture?

POD: The St. Louis Arch



Today after a long day of meetings we headed down to see some of the sites. Well really we checked out the river and the Arch and the Mississippi.

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POD: Nathan Phillips Square at Night


Tonight I had a little different night. Instead of an evening at Violet’s dance class I headed down town for a PHP meetup. The meetup was interesting, and I learned somethings I hope to put to work in some of my current projects. On the way home I was struck at how city hall looked all lit up. So of course it became today’s picture of the day.

POD: Treat for Daddy

Snack for Daddy

Today we have a picture of chocolate covered raisins, No one else in our little family likes them, so they are just for me.

POD: My Pens

Today we have a picture of my Pens. Over the years I’ve been attached to a number of pens. So today I thought I’d take a picture of my current pens. Of course technically two of them are styluses, but there at the top is by current Parker pen. I got that one a year and a half ago, when I was still using my little books for taking notes, and tracking my work times.  Now I do that using OneNote on my Phone and Tablet. Still it’s nice to have a good pen.

POD: A New View

Today we have a panorama I took at the new offices of one of our clients. It’s on the 22nd floor, with a great view of downtown. I’ll probably be using other views from their offices in the weeks to come.

POD: What is it?


Today I thought I’d do something different, I thought I’d see if you can identify what today’s picture of the day is of?

POD: Watching Jacob


Today the kids started skating classes. Well Violet started Hockey Skills and while Jacob is taking power skating. Both of them tried really hard and I’m sure it will be great for both of their skating and hockey.