A new morning routine?

Yesterday morning was unlike any I’ve had in more than 2 years,  and even then what happened this morning was rare.  It started normally,  me up with Ruby,  I puttered around the kitchen,  doing the few remaining dishes and making the kids lunches while Ruby ate.  Then with Ruby settled I headed upstairs to get […]

POD: Starting the day with an omelette

From Picture of the Day 2013 This week I’ve started to track everything I eat, and with tracking I’m trying to make sure I eat breakfast. So this morning I made myself a pepper and cheese omelette .

POD: The Jeans don’t lie

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today we have a picture that show’s Melissa’s weight loss in a very real way. What we have is two pairs of her Jeans, the bottoms are from the before time, the top are her current skinny Jeans that are already getting to big for her. For people who are curious about the […]

POD: 48 Days

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today we have a picture of me after my evening run. I chose this for my picture of the day, because in 7 short weeks (48 Days) I plan on running a half marathon. I’ve planed to run it all summer, but I haven’t been training like I intend […]

Fitness Friday: Summer Activities

Last week I talked about import dates for my running,  today I thought I’d talk about the other activities I plan to do this summer to help me get fit.  My running is a solo thing,  though I hope that Melissa will join me more often In the months to come.  I would also be […]

Fitness Friday: Important Dates

Today I am bringing back my Fitness Friday posts. Its part of an increased focus on running and eating healthier. I’ve wanted to start these up for a while, but I was waiting until I was confident in my new running plan. Each week I’ll include  a running total of this current months running totals.  […]

POD: Family Bike Ride

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today the family climbed on to our bikes, while Melissa and I climbed on our bikes, and the kids hopped into the trailer and we headed out for a ride (View on RunKeeper). We paused at a park and let the kids play before heading back home. While there […]

POD: Running in the New Year

With a new year comes new resolutions and goals.  I’m working on a whole post that looks back on last years goals and sets out a bunch for this year, unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to write it, but today’s POD will give you a hint of some of my goals, the first is […]

Recovering… and Looking forward

Sunday I took to the streets to compete in my second Half Marathon. The weather was nice and cool, and thankfully the rain held off. Running through the downtown and along the waterfront gave the race a feel of familiarity that I didn’t have during the mm. though having not really looked at the route […]

POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:12:55)

Today I set out to compete in my second Half-Marathon. I finished in 2:12:55 a little slower than my first marathon back in may (POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:10:32)). The course for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a flatter course then the Mississauga Marathon, so I’ll blame that for slower speed.  In addition to running for the […]