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POD: The Importance of Reading Labels


Tonight I ran out to the Real Canadian Supper store to pick up a few thing. It’s a bit out-of-the-way but we needed Sun Butter and we haven’t seen it in any of the closer super markets. So I found myself walking down the organic aisle looking at the different spreads. They had organic peanut butter, Almond Butter, and of course the sun butter I had come for Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread. As I looked I was excited to see another brand of Sunflowers Seed Butter. I thought about getting it, but as I was putting in the cart I thought I’d just take a pick at the label. There it was in Bold letters May contain traces of peanuts or other nuts and seeds. My first thought was that’s just wrong. Why would you want Sunflower spread with nuts. Of course when you look at the name of the company, Nuts To You nut butters, it’s clear that they are about providing organic Nut bet spreads. Though I probably wouldn’t be buying Sun Flower Seed spreads if it wasn’t for Violet’s allergy I guess some people would like it, but for me it’s just another product that we’ll be avoiding.

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Dear Violet on your Second birthday

My sweet little girl, my how you have grown in the last two years. I can still remember the day you were born and just how tiny your little hands and feet were. You had this great big eyes that blinked open to meet the world around you. It has been amazing to be able to watch as you get older and learn to express yourself and there is so much I want to tell you but I can never find the words.


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Project 365-344: Ginerbread House


After the relative success we had at Halloween finding candies that were Peanut and Nut Free, I felt confident we wouldn’t have a problem during the Christmas season. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. It seems like it’s twice as hard to find. There are old stand buys like Hersey Kisses but the other day when going through some of the festive packs I saw that they may contain Shea, a nut. So now I find myself having to double-check everything. Luckily today we found something we’ve been looking for. We found a peanut free Gingerbread House Kit. Of course even it gave as a moment of pause, with the list of ingredients is a warning ‘Always Read Labels Carefully as not all Products are Made in a Peanut-Free Facility’. What does that mean? There is a big Peanut free label on the front and that warning on the back. What are we to do?

We think that the box has different packages of treats inside and that some of them are made in a facilities that also process nuts, but it’s damn confusing and though we are looking forward to having an afternoon building a Gingerbread House I’m also going to be going over everything that comes out of that box before I let Violet near it.

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Project 365-221: Am I being paranoid?


Tonight before bed I spent some time reading to Violet, our picture to-day is one of the books. It’s a cute little book for teaching numbers to kids, but I got to thinking do I really want here reading it? Do I want her to be playing with Acorns, even plastic ones? Am I setting her up for trouble if she see’s one on the ground and wants to play with it? So I did a little research and can’t seem to tell if I should be worried. I did a little research and it seems that there’s a bunch of differing opinions on the subject. The Nut-Free Mom sees to think that they are alright to handle. They are Nuts according to and

So what do you think, should we put away the book?

Project 365-194: Good Food, Bad Chair?


Tonight we went for dinner at Montana’s,  a restaurant we go to regularly.  One we think of as Nut free,  except for the Ice Cream.  But now we find ourselves questioning that.  See when we got home Violet had to large welts on her legs.  Now they could have come from the shopping cart at either Costco or Sobeys. Of course during dinner she was acting a little uncomfortable in her chair, so much so we thought she might have a full diaper but changing that didn’t seem to help. So we’re left wondering what caused the welts and how to protect out little cupcake in the future. The minimum I think is that we’re going to have to start cleaning off any chairs or carts, probably with something stronger than our diaper wipes…

Project 365-163: Temptation


When Violet was diagnosed with her allergy to all nuts I decided that the best way to be sure that she doesn’t come into contact with nuts would be to stop eating them myself. This would keep the it in mind when I’m around her. So far I’ve only been semi successful at this. I don’t take enough interest when I’m out. One thing that’s hard is at work there are often bowls of nuts out. I used to snack on them throughout the day. Today I found myself reaching for an almond and realised that I need to refocus. I need to cut nuts out, all nuts. I can’t just let it slide when Violet isn’t around. It’s like swearing, if I don’t want my kids to swear then I can’t swear whether I’m with them or not, because if I let my mind go there when they aren’t around, it will go there when they are. I might not mean to but it will happen and with nuts that could kill violet.

So why I’m I writing this. Well as of today I’m going nut free. That means not nuts and no food that my have come into contact with nuts. I plan on living my life as if I had the allergy.