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Mobile Monday: City TV app

City TV Launch Screen

Today I thought I’d share a new app to the Android Play store. The City TV app from Rogers Digital Media. It allows you access to many of City TV shows on the go. Being able to catchup on shows you missed anywhere is great. Of course it does point out a couple of flaws with Rogers Anyplace TV, which is supposed to grant access to their on demand service through the web, iPad, iPhone and even Windows 8 App. The problem I have is that though I can access it from my computer through the web or windows 8 app or even from the iPad when I try to run it from my phone or Melissa’s phone it wont let us because we aren’t with Rogers.  So what they are giving away to anyone on the web or IPad, is only for their customers when you try to do it on a phone. Of course it’s worse is that for access from the phone it’s not free:

The application is free to download. For only $5/month, customers can enjoy 5 hours of viewing on their handset (overage fee is $1/hour/month) – any time, any place. This fee is prompted when selecting an eligible title or you can subscribe upfront within the “My Services” section of the application. To unsubscribe, go to “Settings>Account” and click the “Unsubscribe” button. 

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Today I thought I’d share an app I’ve been using for a couple of months that I use to keep track of my battery.  Batter Widget? Reborn provides a window into the inner working of your phone’s battery. It’s primary feature is to provide a circular battery status. Beyond that it includes also includes a usually fairly accurate time remaining plus provides a very good interface to see Android’s battery stats.  There are 2 sides to the app, the quick view that are provided by the Widget and Notification Area,  and then the detailed view in the application itself.

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Mobile Monday: Photo Grid

Today I thought I’d share an application that I find myself using more and more for my picture of the day. Photo Grid is a collage application for Android. It creates 4 type’s of collage, plus the ability to add boarders to a single image.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking for applications for adding effects to photos on my phone. Most are filled with tacky effects and usually lower the resolution of your images to un-usable quality. I usually use the Grid Collage for my picture of the day. I like the clean look it produces and how easy it is to use. It still lowers the quality of the pictures to 720 or 1080p, but most of the time, I find the grid look worth the loss of image quality.

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Mobile Monday: Good Morning (Alarm App)


This weeks App is Good Morning, an alarm clock with a few interesting features. Instead of just blasting an alarm sound it will say the date, time, weather and a personalized message. You can use either an alarm sound or music for your alarm. The pro-version adds reading your Calendar entries and multiple alarms, I’m still on the fence about whether I need all the features in the pro-version. I don’t use an alarm that much, mostly because I sleep through most of them and they just wake up Melissa. Still if you’re looking for a reliable alarm application with a lot of features “Good Morning” is a great choice.

Mobile Monday: Quick Settings


Todays mobile Monday application is Quick Settings. It’s an all-in-one settings application for Android. With support for a ton of settings including, Mobile Data, GPS, Brightness and more. Being able to quickly turn on or off systems on your phone can really extend battery life. There are plenty of widgets that can place similar controls on the home screens, but I’ve never liked them. I like the ease of access them through Notification or long press of the search button. Going back to the home screen just to enable Data or GPS seemed clunky to me. So the quick access this app provides is great. It’s easy to customize interface allows you to only show the settings that you use.

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Mobile Monday: Introduction with bonus App

Today I start a new series of posts, Mobile Mondays. It’s a expansion of my earlier post about mobile apps. I plan on posting once a week something to do with mobile. There will be app reviews, Hardware Reviews, my thoughts on the mobile space and more. I have tried to get into a roll with this kind of posts for a while. I had hopped to when I posted my review of WordPress for android a few weeks back(link). It didn’t happen but today I am confident that this time it will work out. With today’s post you will see the addition of Mobile Mondays tot the Data Points. This will be a central place to see the different posts that make up this series. You will also find a link to AppBrain and a list of applications that I have installed on my Milestone. It seemed fitting to start the series with a review of AppBrain.

AppBrain is an application manager for android. Its web interface makes it easy to find and install applications from any web browser. The Android Application makes it easy to manage and find applications from your phone. When you launch the app on your device you are given 4 choices.


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Mobile app: WordPress

DSC_0127Ever since I got my Milestone I have wanted to start writing reviews of the different software I use on it. My drafts folder has half a dozen half-finished pieces on different apps. Today I start clearing out those reviews. First up is one of the apps I use the most, WordPress. It’s an editor for my blog and most of my posts start their life in it.

The interface is simple, when you first launch the application you choose which blog you want. It supports both WordPress hosted and self hosted blogs. For each blog you have 3 tabs Comments, Posts, Pages.


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Introducing New Series: Mobile Apps

I find it strange that the night I brought my new phone home I couldn’t even use it as a phone. A mixup with my new sim card ment I was limited to WiFi connectivity. Though frustrating it really didn’t affect what I wanted to do with it that first night. When it comes right down to it my Milestone isn’t about having a phone at all its about having a platform to run applications and interact with the world and by world I mean internet. The biggest challenge any competitor to the iPhone has is not the OS, Android 2.0 is as good, and in some was better than iPhone OS. A phone like the Milestone delivers an experience that rivals the iPhone and in some areas, like the Hardware keyboard,  surpasses it. That said the iPhone is the king of the app, with more than 140,000. Android by comparison has  just over 45,000. That’s quite a difference, though in both cases a small percentage are worth installing. What matters to users is that the apps they use or want to use be available for their platform of choice.

So I am starting a series of posts about Mobile Apps. Mostly for Android but I am going to try to include some iPhone/iPod Touch apps. I also want to compare the same application on the different platforms, that will probably have to wait till Melissa gets her iPhone or I bite the built and upgrade her Touch.  I’m planing on writing up an app a week, so stay tuned for the first installment next week.