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POD: So Proud of Jacob


Today at Taekwondo Jacob eared his third stripe. So now he’s ready to take the test to get his While and Yellow belt. We’re all so proud of him, but especially violet. She was so proud she insisted on being in the picture.

POD: Sleeping Violet


I don’t usually like to use pictures that Melissa has already shared. But this one from this morning of Violet sleeping is just to cute not to use.

POD: Island Adventure

Today the kids headed on there first Adventure with Nan of the Summer. The three of them headed down to the islands to explore and play.

POD: Hula-Hooping for Canada


Today we celebrated 2 birthdays. Canada’s and Melissa’s. Though there was some wrinkles in our day, the kids had a great time at Mississauga Canada’s Festivities. What shocked me when I sat down to choose a picture of the day was how few pictures I took. Though I have to say I really love these three of Violet Hula Hooping.

POD: Get Well Grampa


Today we have a picture of the card Violet coloured for her Grampa who’s not doing very well right now. We’re all hoping he will get better soon.

POD: Ready for the Rain


With all the different family activities it can be hard to find the time to head down to the Rogers Centre to catch a ballgame. Tonight I managed to find the time, So when they handed out ponchos to support Josh Donaldson (@BringerOfRain20) starting the All Star Game I knew what my picture of the day had to be. Of course it would have been better if they won.

POD: Another Sunday at the Rink


Well the summer 3 on 3 season continues. Today I have a picture of Violet as she worked on her drills.

POD: Watching Some Soccer


Tonight with the kids away Melissa and I curled up and watched some soccer. It was a disappointing with Canada falling 2-1 to England in the Quarter Finials, but still fun evening with the women I love.

POD: Signs of Summer


I know that summer officially started last week, but today there were to little events that really marked the beginning of summer for our little family. The first was the kids had now school. Today was their first day of Summer vacation. The second was the local outdoor pool opened for the first time of the year. I’m happy to say we were there to enjoy the first family swim of the year, it seems to be becoming a tradition (POD: Going for a Ride with Jacob)

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POD: Last day of School


Today the kids headed off to their last day of school. They kids were both excited and sad to say good-by to another school year. Of course it was our last year with having a kindergartener, int the fall Violet will be in grade 1. Jacob will be in grade 4 and will probably have a teacher who will give him home work. Of course before any of that we have a long summer of fun and adventures.