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POD: Dropping in on Wonderland

Today I took Jacob and one of his school friends for a day of fun at Canada’s Wonderland. Most of the day was spent at the water park, but with Jacob measuring above 54 inches we had to make a stop at the DropZone a ride he’s wanted to go on all summer, but had never been quite tall enough.

POD: Lacing up back to school shoes


Today we headed out to get the kids new shoes for the coming school year. After some effort we managed to get a pair for each of them. Tonight though I share a little collage I put together of Jacob Tieing the laces of his new shows. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll share a picture of Violet’s new shoes.

POD: Excited Jacob


Tonight we have a picture of an excited Jacob looking over his new Pokémon box.

POD: Last Practice of the Season


Today I have a picture of Violet as she runs out to join her last Soccer practice after a water break.

POD: Over to soon

Today we headed up to pick up Violet and Ben from Summer camp. While both were happy to see their parents, I think they both would have been happy to spend more time at camp. Of course they will hopefully be heading back next summer, but that is a long time.


POD: Late Night Ice Cream


Today with the kids away, Melissa and I had a late night treat at Tom’s Dairy Freeze.

POD: Camp Selfie


Today we sent Violet off to her first overnight camp. She was so excited to go. I tried to get a nice picture with just me and her…. That didn’t work out.

POD: All Packed UP!


Tomorrow my little girl heads off to a few days of overnight camp. Part of me wishes that she wasn’t growing up so fast. Of course a larger part is thrilled to see her grow and experience new things. So today I have a picture of all her stuff packed up and waiting to head to camp in the morning.

POD: My little Princess meets a Princess


Today Violet was at a birthday party with a very Special guest. It was amazing to watch as Cinderella interacted with the kids, and kept tall of them engaged, especially the birthday girl who had a huge smile on her face the entire time. It was great to watch. A question for my readers, can you tell what Disney Princess Violet is dressed as?


POD: Waiting for Daddy


Today Melissa snapped this picture of Ruby as she peeked over the patio fence wondering when I was getting home.