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POD: Sitting Ruby


Tonight I have a picture of our ‘little’ puppy Ruby, I captured in our even playtime in the local playground.

POD: Hitting 1000


Tonight I continued my November routine of heading to Starbucks with Jacob to do some writing. I haven’t managed to find my novel writing groove, but it’s been fun trying. Tonight I don’t want to write about my struggles, I want to write about Jacobs success. My little man hit 1000 words tonight. His writing has mostly been limited to our coffee shop writing sessions, so that he’s managed to write that much is very impressive. He still hopes to hit 2000, but with only 4 days left in November it will take a lot of work.

POD: Diving in


Today’s picture of the day comes from the pool deck. At the kids swimming class today I captured this picture of Jacob getting ready to dive into the pool.

POD: Hockey Star


Today we have some pictures from Violets Hockey game. It’s amazing to watch my little girl on the ice, she improves so much every game. It wont be long till we are celebrating her first goal.

POD: Violet and her Little Friend


This morning as we headed off to school we were greeted by Violet’s little ‘Snow Bear’. I wanted to take a picture for today’s picture of the day, so she posed with her creation. As much as she insists that it is a snow bear the rest of the household thinks it looks more like a snow Angry Bird. either way it’s cute and I’m impressed with the ingenuity she showed picking the pieces for its Eyes, nose, mouth and even arms.

POD: First Snow Angels of the Season


Today we had a bit of a snow storm, of course the kids wanted get out there and play in the snow. I captured this picture of Violet as she made snow angels.

POD: Evening Beer


Tonight was another Tuesday night of writing, it was a good night of writing so I thought I’d reward myself with a nice Stout.

POD: Relaxing with Ruby


Tonight after a long day of work and chores,  I’m just relaxing in front of the TV with Ruby.  Well I’m watching TV Ruby is enjoying her bone.

POD: Santa Clause Parade 2014


Today was the Toronto Santa Clause Parade. It was a great day for the kids. The weather wasn’t to cold and the flurries all day gave it a Christmas feel. I’ll post more picture soon.

POD: Beer and Hockey


Tonight I headed to a bar for some beer and Hockey.  The beer was good,  but the hockey was a disappointment.