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POD: Hanging with Ben


Today Violet had a surprise guest at her soccer game. Her buddy Ben came to watch her play. With all there activities they haven’t spent much time together, so it was nice that they got to hang out after soccer today.

POD: Late Night Lego


Today Violet asked if she could put together one of her Birthday Lego Sets. I told her what I’ve always told Jacob, you need to follow the instructions and make sure you have a place to keep all the pieces. So there she was for some of the afternoon, and late into the night (There was an unplanned nap in between) working away. Trying to finish her Lego Friends Camper.  I have to say it’s been eye-opening to watch how differently she works then her older brother. Not better, or worse just different.

POD: Learning Hockey with Lego


Today Melissa and Violet set out to learn about hockey. Things like player positions and offsides. They started with YouTube videos and then moved on to Lego. Next thing I knew they had an entire rink drawn up on some cardboard. Complete with Lego players.

POD: Special Friends


Today I have a picture of Violet and Aaron hanging out in the playground together.


POD: Long Jump!


Today at Jacob’s Soccer practice Violet took an interest in the Long Jump Pit at the field. Usually she just plays in it like a sand box, but today she charged down the track and jumped like an athlete. And she didn’t just do it once, it was more like 5 or 6 times.

POD: Microsoft Camp Wrap-Up


Today was Jacob’s last day of Microsoft camp. He seems to have had a great time, The kids have been staying with their Papa all week so I haven’t really talked to him but  it yet, but from what I’ve heard he’s loved it.

POD: What about Me!


Ruby and I have an evening routine, as the night winds down we head out to the park to play some catch before heading for a long evening walk. Tonight I headed out without her. While I was gone Melissa snapped today’s picture of the day of Ruby looking for me. I’m sure she was wondering why I didn’t take her with me.

POD: Toronto

Tonight Melissa and I headed down town secret mission, while there we walked through Nathan Philips Square and I captured today’s picture of the day. We didn’t stay long, just took a look around after we completed our mission. It seemed really crowded for a Tuesday night.

POD: Last 3 on 3 of the Summer


Today Violet’s 3 on 3 wrapped up, and what amazed me is that the drills they ran before the game seemed more challenging than most weeks. What’s even more impressive is that Violet seemed to excel at them all.  So for today’crs picture of the day I use a shot of Violet crouching and gliding as she heads acrosd the rink. as she slid down

POD: Time to plan a fishing trip?


Today we were at Sail looking for camp supplies for the kids. While there Violet found the fishing rods. She seemed really interested in them… perhaps I’ll have to take her fishing one day.