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POD: Waiting a Turn


Wedseday night is DS practice, so I captured this picture of Violet tallking to her teammates while what for her turn.

POD: Preparing Valentines


Violet loves to do crafts, so much so that the thought of store-bought Valentines was unthinkable. So last night her and Mommy got started on making 22 Cards for her classmates and teacher.

It’s only 2 steps:

  1. Cut out hearts and add Glitter Glue,
  2. Write the classmates names and decorate the cards

Step one was completed last night with Mommy, tonight Nan or I will complete Step 2 with her.

POD: Hockey Skills


After a weekend filled with hockey, it’s time to start the weeks hockey activity. It’s really not much, just a couple nights of practice. So for my Monday Picture of the day I thought these shots of Violet working on her hockey Skills would be good..

POD: Hot Chocolate with Violet


Today after Violet’s 2 hour game of Scrimmage at hockey I thought she deserved a reward. So off to Tim Hortons we went for a Hot Chocolate and moffin. It amused me how happy she was when she realized that her hot chocolate had

POD: Pre-game instructions


It’s the weekend and that means hockey for our little family. So for this picture of the day we have Jacob kneeling on the ice listening to his coach before last night game.

POD: Taekwondo


Friday nights are Taekwondo night for the kids, so I thought a picture of them during class would make a great Picture of the day. Of course since thier last belt testing they are in different classes, so this one I took of Jacob during Violet class will have to do.

POD: Shopping for Meat

Every morning the question of what to give the kids for lunch has to be answered. So yesterday evening I headed out to pick up some salami for the kids lunches. While there I captured this picture of the meat counter.

POD: Listening to the Coaches


Another day another hockey practice. This time we have a picture of Violet listening to her coaches during her DS practice.

POD: A New View


Last night I helped my dad move into a new place, so I thought a picture of his new view would be my picture of the day. Not a bad view.

POD: Racing down the Ice


Last night was Violet’s practice night, and I captured this picture of her as she started down the ice. Of course she was lagging a bit behind the other girls because instead of watching the coach and waiting for her to blow the whistle she was chatting with her teammate. I’m proud to say she wasn’t the last one to the other side of the rink either.