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POD: First Snow Angels of the Season


Today we had a bit of a snow storm, of course the kids wanted get out there and play in the snow. I captured this picture of Violet as she made snow angels.

POD: Evening Beer


Tonight was another Tuesday night of writing, it was a good night of writing so I thought I’d reward myself with a nice Stout.

POD: Relaxing with Ruby


Tonight after a long day of work and chores,  I’m just relaxing in front of the TV with Ruby.  Well I’m watching TV Ruby is enjoying her bone.

POD: Santa Clause Parade 2014


Today was the Toronto Santa Clause Parade. It was a great day for the kids. The weather wasn’t to cold and the flurries all day gave it a Christmas feel. I’ll post more picture soon.

POD: Beer and Hockey


Tonight I headed to a bar for some beer and Hockey.  The beer was good,  but the hockey was a disappointment.

POD: Sleepover bound


With Jacob’s Hockey game on Sunday this week, it left Jacob free to have  a sleep over at his best friends house. I snapped today’s picture of the day while we walked to his friends house

POD: Late Night Writing


To I headed down town to take part in a late night NaNoWriMo event at the Indigo in the Eaton Centre. I would write more about it, but I’m busy working on my novel.

POD: Remembering the Fallen


Today is remembrance day, a day to remember our fallen soldiers. So today I share a picture of a box of poppies. And ask that you take a moment to think about the freedoms we enjoy, and of the men and women who fight to keep us free.

POD: Dinner with my Boy

DinnerwithJacobTonight it was just Jacob and I for dinner and after a second day of helping family move, I didn’t feel like cooking anything. So I asked Jacob where he wanted to go for dinner, he chose Subway Subs. I captured dinner while he in joyed his Cold Cut Combo with Bacon.  It was nice sitting with just Jacob, talking about different things. He does seem excited about his novel, I think I’ll have to try to schedule another Starbucks trip for the 2 of us.

POD: Dinner with Friends


After a long day it was nice to sit down and have dinner with some friends. It kids really enjoyed it with their little friends