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POD: Boys and the Video games

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today while Melissa and Violet were at our friend Susanne’s baby show,, Jacob had a friend over for a Video Game party. We were hoping to have more than one friend over, but that didn’t work out. What I’m happy to say is that Jacob and his friend Jordan seemed to have a great time playing Wii and 3ds together. I even got in to some of the video game fun. I’m looking forward to the next day of Video Game fun.

POD: Meat

I found my self standing in the Bloor Meat Market Ltd, while standing there admiring the selection of fresh meat I pulled out the camera and snapped today’s picture of the day. There was just something about the rows of meat that I wanted to capture. I also love the wood chips on the floor.

POD: Dropping the Puck

Today Jacob had his first game of House league Hockey. It’s a day we’ve been looking forward to since Jacob first took to the ice. It’s great to see how excited he gets going to the rink, and it’s not all for the snacks he gets after the games.  Its amazing home much his skating has improved since he started future stars in September, I can’t imagine how much better he’ll be after an entire season of hockey.  Next we have to get Violet out on the ice Maybe next week we can see about heading out to a free skate with her.

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POD: Another Night of Skating

Today was Jacob’s Future Stars skating, and after a bit of a rough start he had a great night of skating. He tried the entire time he was on the ice, listen to the instructors and just did great. Even after he got off the ice he was talking about getting back out there this weekend.

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POD: Meet the Teacher Night

Today was meet the teacher night at Jacobs school. So I took the time to snap a few pictures of his art. It was a good visit, though after listening to his teachers today I’m glad we’re doing the extra work with him at home. I think the Math and Language sheets Melissa has been doing with him will complement the more play based lessons being taught at school.
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POD: First Skates

Today after ballet Melissa and my mother, took Violet out to buy her first pair of skates. Watching the video of her trying them on his amazing. I can’t wait till she can get out on the ice to give them a try.

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POD: Autoshare

This morning while Melissa and I was make plans for the day we decided that we wanted to go shopping and to make it easier we thought why not get a car. So today I tried out our new Autoshare membership. We picked up a Honda Fit Wagon, we’re looking forward to trying the many cars that Autoshare has available.

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POD: Happy Hotel

After a four days of fun camping, we packed up our camp and headed to a hotel for the last night. Both kids were very excited about spending their first night in a hotel. Whats been amazing is that each day we’ve been in the pool at least once, and today was no exception. The only question I have is will we make it in a pool tomorrow?

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POD: Where’s the Beef?


Today’s picture is a bit of a cheat… After tonight’s run, a 13.4km around the Neighbourhood, I wanted a different kind of snack, so I got a bag of yummy beef Jerky. And I promise I’ll try to stay away from snacks for the rest of the month.

Project 365-365: Welcoming a New year


Today the kids and I had a little new years eve party. We celebrated early and with Ginger Ale instead of Champaign but it was fun little celebration. Of course Violet stuck with water, though she did get to use the fancy glass. I hope next year Melissa will be home to ring in the new year with us.