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The future of gaming? Geeky

The future of gaming?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TJ7IUNWGl4 Ever since the first launch video I knew that we'd be getting Jacob a Nintendo Switch for his next…
2013 The Movie Family

2013 The Movie

A couple of days ago I was on Google plus when I saw this in my Auto Awesome feed. I thought it was a great little video and wanted to share i…
The Power of Plus Fatherhood

The Power of Plus

Ok, I don't usually post video's I find on the web and the thought of sharing a product ad seems wrong. Except this time. This ad speaks to me…
Make it so! Geeky

Make it so!

Found this amusing bit from Sesame Street on sesamestreet.tumblr.com/ blog today. Couldn’t help but share it.