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POD: Violet Reads


After Violet’s hockey game, we headed to the local library where Violet found herself a big girl book.

POD: Finding a Good Book


Today we headed to Mastermind Toys with the kids, looking for inspirations for little miss Violet’s birthday next week. Both the kids love that going there, they always seem to find new toys to interest them. Today Jacob surprised me though, after first looking at some Snap Circuits and other science toys he found the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid books. He looked over the selection of books he picked one and found a place to sit down and started to read. For the rest of the time in the store, that’s where he was. I just hope we can find more books to capture his imagination.

POD: Letters from Santa


Today the kids got their letters from Santa they were so excited to open and read them. The looks on their faces as the read the letters makes all he hustle and bustle of the Christmas season worth it.

POD: Visiting the Library

From Picture of the Day 2013

In a weird twist of fate I found myself heading to the library to pick up a real book today. So I brought the kids along to return one of their books and see if there were any books they might like to borrow.  The kids love visiting the library and wont leave without picking a book or three. I loved watching Violet trying to read to a little girl. She was a little two and a half-year old who loves being read too, so she sat and listened to every book Violet ‘Read’. Today’s picture captures a moment near the end of our visit. Jacob’s reading the Justice League comic he picked and Violet is having her turn on the computer.

POD: Summer Reading

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today Jacob wrote up his first book of the summer. I’m not sure if he needs to do the full write-up for the Library ready program, but since he’s been doing it all year at school, why stop just because school has.  Tomorrow he’ll finish it up with a picture, perhaps I’ll use it for my picture of the day tomorrow, or perhaps I’ll capture what Violet does while Jacob is doing his home work.

POD: Lazy Saturday Afternoon

From Pictures of the Day 2012

It was a lazy kind of day, with or little family spending some time preparing for our up coming holiday and some just relax. I snapped this picture while Jacob read his book from school. Of course our lazy day got more exciting when a couple of Jacob’s friends knocked on the door around dinner time, It’s amazing how quickly the kids went from relaxing around the house to running around outside with friends.

POD: Jacob’s Reading Homework

For today’s picture of the day, I decided to take a picture of Jacob’s home work. Each week his teacher sends home a book for him to read and then write a couple of sentences about and draw a picture.  Jacob loves the reading, he surprises us with how well he reads through the books. With each week book I can see an improvement with his writing and drawings and I love that at the end the school year well have a book full of his work to look back on.

POD: Library Books

Today we have a picture of some of the Library books our family currently has out of the Toronto Public Library. To be fair most of them are my books, but the top two are for the kids. They headed to the library yesterday after school with their Nan and each picked out a book and took out on Jacob’s card.

POD: A new Chapter


Today before school the family had a trip to the local library, which happens to be next to Jacob’s school. While I was getting a new library card, Melissa and the kids were looking at books. Before I knew it Jacob came over to me asking if he could take out a book. The book was an Arthur Chapter Book, I of course checked the book out and he immediately opened it up and started to read it.  Even when we got to his school after showing it off to a couple of his friends he sat down and continued to read. It wasn’t long before Violet joined him and listened to him read. It amazes me that my little man, who just turned 5 is reading a chapter book.

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POD: Snuggle up and Read Update


Today I decided to take a some time and write about Jacob’s reading. Each week Melissa and I look forward to looking into his school bag on Friday afternoon and seeing what books Jacob and his teacher have chosen for that week. This week when we pulled out the books we were surprised by how advanced they were. It seems he’s reading is growing by leaps and bounds. I’m so proud of my little guy.

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