POD: Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for the kids, so instead of just having a picture I took today, I’ve put together a collage with pictures from each of their first day of school and one I took this morning. The school year is long with ups and downs, but both did amazing and […]

POD: Report card day

Today was report card day for the kids, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Violet’s picture on hers. Both kids did great. I’m so proud of them.

POD: Perfect

Tonight we have a picture of two tests and one assignment from Jacob’. On all three he score perfect. I’m so proud of the little guy.

POD: Violet’s school work

Today we have a picture of some school work I found in Violet’s bag after school. It took me a moment but I really like the N’s made with Newspapers.

POD: Jacob’s Project

Today we have a picture of Jacob’s school project, he worked really hard on it. From interviewing his Nan to colouring the flags.  Not to mention writing out the definition of his name, and filling out his family tree. My only regret is I didn’t get any picture of him working on it.

POD: Afterschool fun

I captured today picture as the kids enjoyed the warmer weather.

POD: Jacob’s brings home 2 tests

Today Jacob brought home two tests, a math test and a social studies test. He got an A+ in math and a A- in Social studies, we’re so proud of the little guy.

POD: Another A for my Boy

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today Jacob brought home another math test, and once again he’s mark makes both Melissa and I so very proud. He’s working so hard and school it’s nice to see that his grades reflect that.

POD: Science Test

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today Jacob brought home a little surprise. I was a science test, one that he didn’t mention he had. Of course it’s the 97%  mark he got made me so proud that I thought I’d share some of his test as today’s picture of the day.

POD: Jacob’s School Project

From Picture of the Day 2013 Today Jacob spent the evening putting together a project on Frogs for school He worked so hard on the it, it was fun to watch. Writing up the facts, drawing and colour the frogs.