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POD: Jacob’s Poster


Today we have a picture of Jacob working on his PSA for his media literacy project. He worked really hard on it, first coming up with the idea for his Kids help phone poster and then doing all the work. I’m so proud of him.

POD: Mona Lisa in Space


With parent teacher interviews over the last couple of days I got see see some of the art work at the school. So for today’s picture of the day I have a piece Jacob did.  They were supposed to use a single colour and experiment with shading. I think he did a good job.

POD: Halloween Dress Down Day


While I wanted the kids to go to school today dressed as Catholic school children, they insisted on wearing their costumes.

POD: Violet Draws the Family

Today there was an Art show at the kid’s school. While I didn’t get a chance to be there, Melissa was and captured this work of art from my little diva.

POD: Violet’s Turkey

Violet's Turkey

I thought the days of art coming home from school was done with Violet in Grade 1, bu I was wrong. For Thanksgiving she brought home this great Turkey Centre piece.

POD: Sometimes the Simplest answer is the right one

Today we have a picture of some of Violet’s homework. For an adult looking over the sheet the first thought is what’s the differences between the fishes patterns. For Violet it was, that one’s bigger.

POD: Jacob’s Sentences


Tonight we have a picture of Jacob’s spelling words used in sentences.

POD: Violet’s Words

With everything going on this last week I haven’t had an opportunity to share some pictures of the kid’s school work. This year Violet is in grade run, so it means home work. Her first homework was Spelling words. Each day she has a different task to do with the words. I chose to take a picture of her sentence, I’m just so impressed with how well she is printing. What’s even better is watching the two of them sitting at the table after school both working on their homework. Perhaps in the coming weeks I can capture that as my picture of the day.

POD: New Agendas


With everything else going on the week if was easy to forget that it was also the kids first week of school. So tonight we have a picture of the kids new agendas. VTO Jacob it’s old news, but Violet was so excited to have am agenda of her own.

POD: First Day of school 2015


Today the kids headed back to school. Violet enters the first grade and Jacob moves on to the fourth. Time seems to be flying by for my little ones. The best news of the day was that Violet is in a 1/2 split, instead of the SK/1 we feared all summer.