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POD: Violet does her Homework


Today we have a picture of Violet working on her Snuggle up and read homework. After reading her story she got to work on drawing her picture. One of her books tonight was about butter, and she loves toasted rye bread with butter. So she got a slice of rye bread as a model and drew her own complete with butter.

POD: School House Art


Today was Parent Teacher interviews at the kid’s school and while I do find talking tot he teachers enlightening, I have another reason for attending. I like to capture pictures of the kids work off the class room walls. This year that seems to be only Violet’s work in her kindergarten class. Still I managed to put together a collage from her different winter themed works of art. .

POD: Snuggle Up and Read


Today in Violet’s bag I found something I have looked forward to since she started school. Today her first Snuggle Up and Read books came home. I always loved it when Jacob brought home his Snuggle Up and Read Books (POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read, POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read 2, and POD: Snuggle up and Read Update). I can’t wait to snuggle up with Violet and read her books.

POD: Wind Power


Today we have a picture of the Wind Turbine at exhibition place.  It’s cool bit I’ve always wonder if there is any more being planned.

POD: Violet at the Pumpkin Patch


Today Violet’s class headed out for a field trip to the Pumpkin patch. She loved it, but what made the day for our little Violet was that her Mommy was one of the parents who went along. I like that she took along our good camera and took pictures. I chose one this one of smiling Violet to use as today’s picture of the day.

POD: First Day of School

20140902_083451_Ninth St

Today a new school year started, the kids headed out the door both excited and nervous.  Jacob wasn’t sure if his best friend would be in his class again this year. And Violet is facing school with a broken collar-bone and shoulder.  By the time the bell rang they were both off with their friends excited to be starting a new year. Jacob is once again in a split class, this year it’s a 3/4 split with lots of his friends including his best friend Daniel. Violet was thrilled to see all her friends from last year, but also a little boy from her last summer camp.  Since I already know that this picture of the two of them before school will be today’s picture of the day, why wait till tonight to post.


POD: Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for the kids, so instead of just having a picture I took today, I’ve put together a collage with pictures from each of their first day of school and one I took this morning. The school year is long with ups and downs, but both did amazing and both are excited to go back in the fall. Of course before then we have a summer of fun planned.

POD: Report card day

Today was report card day for the kids, and I couldn’t help but smile when I saw Violet’s picture on hers. Both kids did great. I’m so proud of them.

POD: Perfect

Tonight we have a picture of two tests and one assignment from Jacob’. On all three he score perfect. I’m so proud of the little guy.

POD: Violet’s school work

Today we have a picture of some school work I found in Violet’s bag after school. It took me a moment but I really like the N’s made with Newspapers.