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POD: November Reading Scrapbook

Today we wrap up November, and with it, Jacob has to hand in his Reading Scrapbook. Of course, he wasn’t finished his scrapbook till after 10 o’clock last night. I think managing his time will be something we’ll work on for next month project. Still I think he did a very good job.

POD: 20 out of 20

Once again I was impressed by my little diva, when she brought home her latest test.

POD: Teacher Gifts

As the school year, it’s time to bring gifts to the kid’s teachers.

POD: Violet’s school art


Today I headed to the kid’s school for a Parents Council meeting, so I took a moment to capture this work of art on the wall by Violet’s classroom.

POD: Violet’s Me Bag


Today Violet brought home her first home work. She’s supposed to bring in different things that represents her and present them to the class. So this evening we watched as she put it all together, and I just had to capture it for today’s picture of the day. Of course there was to many things to include them all in the picture, but I think I captured the most important ones.

POD: Another School Year Begins


Today the kids headed off to their first day of school. They both had a great day, seeing there friends and meeting there new teachers. I can’t believe that Jacob is in grade 5 and Violet is in 2nd. Where did the time go. This could also be the last first day of school at St. Teresa’s school. We’re hoping their new school will be finished in time for next year.

POD: School Supplies


In two sleeps the kids head back to school, so we began getting their bags ready for the big day. I love how excited they both are to get back to school.

POD: Jacob’s Poster


Today we have a picture of Jacob working on his PSA for his media literacy project. He worked really hard on it, first coming up with the idea for his Kids help phone poster and then doing all the work. I’m so proud of him.

POD: Mona Lisa in Space


With parent teacher interviews over the last couple of days I got see see some of the art work at the school. So for today’s picture of the day I have a piece Jacob did.  They were supposed to use a single colour and experiment with shading. I think he did a good job.

POD: Halloween Dress Down Day


While I wanted the kids to go to school today dressed as Catholic school children, they insisted on wearing their costumes.