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Tech Tuesday: Have Gadgets will Travel

For weeks I’ve tried to kick-start my blog, my Musings are a start, but I also want to get back to writing about Technology and Fatherhood. I had hopped that we I published my first Tech Tuesday post on January 14th that I would be following it up with another one the next week and it would be the beginning of a weekly series. I’ve been working on the follow-up since before the Kobo review was posted, unfortunately I’ve yet to complete it. It’s close, I could have probably pushed it out last night, but after the evening of skating with Jacob’s Beaver troop I didn’t feel up to it, and besides It will be a better post with the extra time I can now spend on it. That left me with a dilemma for today, I could just forget about posting today, or hope that I’m inspired to write something on the way to work, like yesterday or I could do something different. I’ve chosen something different. I thought I’d go over some of the Hardware and Software that I use everyday, but that’s a long list. One I might do on a future Tech Tuesday, for today I thought I’d highlight 3 gadgets that I took on vacation with me(I’ll leave out the few gadgets Melissa brought).

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