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POD: Streetcar of the Future


After weeks of trying to find an opportunity to ride the new streetcars today I finally did. I came close on Wednesday but just didn’t have the time to wait for one of the two new streetcars. Today I had the time and the good fortune of not having to wait long before one arrived at Spidina station.  I’ve known for a while that they would be better then our existing streetcars, but I didn’t realize how much better. I can’t wait till there are more of them on the road.

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POD: Old Mill Tribute

Today I continue with sharing interesting things I find on the TTC. Today it’s a sign at Old Mill Station. I wasn’t able to capture it will enough with a single shot, so I put together a little collage.

POD: Hitching a Ride

Today on my way home I saw a pigeon sitting on the bus. As it sat there I wonder how long it would ride up there. It flew off almost as soon as the bus headed out of the station. Still I managed to capture it before it headed out.


Today as I was heading back to the office I was a couple of new TTC buses. Well at least it was the first time I’d seen low floor articulated buses. Turns out they have been on the road since December. It’s nice to see new buses on Toronto streets, I just can’t wait till the new streetcars enter service later this year.

POD: Back to the Commute

Today I head back to work after my Vacation, I can’t say it holds the same appeal as spending time with the kids,. Though if I’m really honest, I am glad to be back. We’re working on a couple interesting and challenging project, with deadlines that are sooner than I might like, so there is a lot to do. For my picture today I captured it as a subway came into the station on my way home.

POD: Subway Surprise

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today after work I met up with Melissa on the TTC, for some reason while I was waiting for her I snapped a few pictures of subway trains. What I didn’t expect was what I found when I looked at them when I got home. Can you recognize my blurry surprise?

POD: Riding the Subway

From Pictures of the Day 2012

Today I found myself standing at the front of a subway car, and I just had to take a picture. I was like a little kid standing there looking out the window as we raced up the Young line.  So when I sat down to post today’s picture of the day I had no choice but to use one of the many images I captured.

POD: Looking back at Greenwood

When I first took a picture of the before and after pictures at Jane station (Project 365-107: Reminding us of the Past) I had hoped to take pictures of more of them. Unfortunately I only managed to find one other station with the pictures up (Project 365-110: Looking back at Bathurst). So this weekend when I saw the pictures up at Greenwood I knew I had to get back three to use it for a picture of the day. So today when I found myself at Donlands station I figured it was worth a detour to capture today’s picture of the day.

Project 365-326: Next Streetcar in…


Today on the way home I snapped this picture at a streetcar shelter. It would seem that the next vehicle announcements have gone beyond text messages and LCD screens at the station (see my post here and here). It’ll be pretty cool when these screens include buses too.

Project 365-260: Back again


Today I was walking through Dundas west station and saw this announcement board. Its based on GPS in the street cars, months back I had taken a picture of the trail signs at Spadina (Project 365-068: TTC Streetcar Tracking). That struck me is about this sign today is that Dundas West used to have sides forecasting the next arrival of street cars.  Over a decade ago they had screen that showed the next schedule vehicles, sure it was based on where they should be and not where they are. But like the Time Line Schedule I always found it helpful.