POD: CNE 2014 Family

POD: CNE 2014

Today we headed down to the Canadian National Exhibition. It's a bitter-sweet tradition for our family. It's sweet because we always have fun,…
POD: Little Helpers Family

POD: Little Helpers

Today we have a picture of Violet and Ben,  as the help making lunch.  They were little Helpers most of the morning.  They look…
POD: Water War Fatherhood

POD: Water War

Last night we had a small water balloon fight,  the kids loved it. So today before dinner we filled up another batch of water balloons an…
POD: Returning Home Family

POD: Returning Home

Vacation is over.  This morning we left the resort and headed to the airport to return to Toronto. I think these two pictures we took from the…
POD: Mikado Family

POD: Mikado

For our last supper in Mexico we headed to a Japanese restaurant were they cooked our food at the table. It was great, though it's also sad to…
POD: Daytona Beach Family

POD: Daytona Beach

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today we spent the afternoon at Daytona Beach. It was fun to watching he kids playing in the sand and running in…
POD: My Two Ladies Family

POD: My Two Ladies

Today was spent at Disney Animal kingdom. It was a long fun day.  I captured this picture while we waited in line to go on a ride as a family.
POD: The Plane General

POD: The Plane

I've been told this isn't our plane, but by the time our plane got here it was two dark to take a picture through the double windows. Since we…