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POD: CNE 2014


Today we headed down to the Canadian National Exhibition. It’s a bitter-sweet tradition for our family. It’s sweet because we always have fun, and today was no exception. Even with the rainy weather we all had a blast. It’s better because it also means that summer is coming to an end.  It of course was also a long day, so even though I took a ton of pictures, I thought this one of the lit up ferris wheel would be a great way to capture the day.

POD: Saying goodbye to an old friend

Today we ended our Family adventure,  by saying goodbye to an old friend (POD: Today we met a Bear). We had a great time on our family adventure vacation. As much as I was sad to see it end, it’s nice to be sleeping in our own beds tonight.

POD: Jacobs water slide adventure


Today we have a collage from Jacobs water slide adventure. He has wanted to go down the Tornado since last summer.  Today he finally did,  and loved it.  I was thrilled to be able to catch him on the way down.  It was just one of many water slides that my little guy went down today.

POD: Family relaxes


The family adventure continues….  It’s so adventurous we decided to take a brake in the first chair we found.

POD: Family getaway


Today we start our family adventure weekend,  and as you can see from today’s picture of the day,  it started with a bang.

POD: Little Helpers


Today we have a picture of Violet and Ben,  as the help making lunch.  They were little Helpers most of the morning.  They look so cute in their ‘chief hats’.

POD: Water War


Last night we had a small water balloon fight,  the kids loved it. So today before dinner we filled up another batch of water balloons and the water guns and had at it.  The kids loved it and so did I.  I had fotgoten how much fun water fights could be.  I don’t think that will be our last water fight this summer.

POD: Castles in the sand


Today we headed to Wassaga Beach for some fun in the sun.  We had lots of fun but not too much sun.  After some fun in the water the kids and I sat down to build a sand castle.

POD: Returning Home


Vacation is over.  This morning we left the resort and headed to the airport to return to Toronto. I think these two pictures we took from the plan capture the differences perfectly. The left was taken as we left Mexico, the right as we arrived at Toronto. Even with all the snow and freezing temperatures I’m glad to be home with the kids. a week is a long time to be away from the little ones. Thanks Lynn and Dan for taking such good care of them while we recharged in Mexico.

POD: Mikado


For our last supper in Mexico we headed to a Japanese restaurant were they cooked our food at the table. It was great, though it’s also sad to think this will be our last meal here, we board our bus to head home at 6:30 am . I will miss the warmth of Mexico and the relaxing on the beach and by the pool. But it will be good to see the kids, I miss them and I’m looking forward to spending time with them when we’re back.