Fitness Friday: Milestones

We I started working on my fitness Friday post for today I pulled up my running log(pictured above). Added the runs I had done in the month of June and I was surprised to find that I was less than 300 metres away from reaching 1000km run in the last 13 months. It amazes me that I’ve gone that […]

POD: Equipment Upgrades

Last week before my big 10k run, I found my way to the a couple of Running Room Stores. There I got a bunch of Goo which I shared last week and some other things. It’s the other things that I’m sharing today. My new Running Belt, Hat and Shoes. It’s great to be running […]

POD: 10k Race Day (57:18.3)

Today on the eve of the anniversary of my first run I took part in my second  race. The distance was double my last race, the Harry Rosen 5k Spring Run-Off. Today’s race was the Sporting Life 10k. My Time was 57:18.3, only .4 seconds behind Dan’s time of 57:17.9. The running felt great, our […]


Over the last 10 months running has become a major part of my life. It seems to have snuck up on me. It has gone from a chore I was doing to lose weight to something that I really enjoy and miss when I am unable to do it. It has really surprised me how […]

Project 365-334: Looking in the Mirror 11

Tonight we have our monthly picture of me. It seemed like a good time to show off my new running clothes, It’s a rainy night and I’ve taken this picture before heading out for a run. I’m not sure if what distance I’ll run tonight. I’m torn between running a quick 5 or 6 km […]

Project 365-287: Proof of change

Today Melissa and I popped into Old Navy looking for a new running shirt. While there we noticed the jeans were on sale, so I thought I would try on a pair. The surprising thing I found was that my waist was down to a 34, back in august I was inspired when I picked […]

Upgrading my Running

September is going to be an important month for my running, I want to get out at least twice a week for a run on the street, but also I want to recommit to the Gym. With at least one trip a week, hopefully 2. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing at the gym, […]

Project 365-228: Betrayed…

Today I headed out for my run like usual. Though it didn’t end like usual, about 2 maybe 3 minutes into my run I feel something in my leg. My calf to be precise, at first I thought it was nothing and tried to run on. That unfortunately didn’t work out. I soon found my self […]

Project 365-218: Inspiration

Today after work the family headed out to Old Navy to check out the Jean sale. I tried on a few pairs and was shocked to find that my waist was down to a 36. It seems inconceivable that when I met Melissa I was wearing a 42. I wonder if I could get down […]

Project 365-197: One of the Perks of Riding to work

Today was the second day that I cycled to work, it has always seemed like a daunting task, because the trip seems like it’s entirely up hill. It’s a gradual slop most of the time, but except for a few place on the ride home I’m heading up hill. Of course that means the ride […]