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Tech Tuesday: A Big Unboxing


For months I’ve known it was time to get a new computer, but it’s a hard thing to pick a computer. This week I finally pulled the trigger and got

Updating Geek with Kids


If you are a regular reader of Geek With Kids you might have noticed something different with the site. Last Friday I launched an updated look for GeekwithKids.com. With the

POD: Chess Lesson with Granddad

20140914_163556_Third St

Today Jacob got a short chess lesson from my Dad. It’s the first of what we hope to be many lessons. Jacob really seems interested in learning to play chess

POD: 4 Faces of Jacob


Today we have a 4 pack of pictures of Jacob that Melissa took while out with the kids before Violets first ballet class of the new season. I wanted to use a picture of my little dancer, but tonight she insisted on no pictures. So Jacob will have to stand in.

POD: Violets Bunny


It seems that anything white needs to be coloured by our little artist Violet. This is her bunny that her god father gave her when she was just a wee thing. So it was a bit of a surprise when Violet brought it down showing off the smiley face she drew on it. Of course I’m pretty sure it’s washable marker she used, but I’m not sure I want to see if it would come off in the wash.

POD: Jacob the Power Ranger


Today Jacob and his Nan went on a little adventure. Jacob was thrilled to have his face painted like a Power Ranger. It’s an amazing job all they had to go from was Jacob Power Ranger Key.

POD: Again!


Tonight I have a picture of Ruby that I took as she returned her Frisby. She really enjoys chasing that sucker down We must of spent close to an hour playing catch tonight.

POD: Where there is smoke there is…


Today after I got home from work I couldn’t help but see the billowing smoke from near our house. It seems that a second fire had started in the burned out warehouse near us. I wondered over with Ruby, to see how big it was. The first fire was massive with ash and debris ending up all over the neighborhood. Today’s seemed minor. All I saw was smoke.

POD: Hanging off a tree


Today was a slow day for the old camera… I almost got a great picture of Violet trying to hula-hoop with one arm, but I didn’t. So instead you get to see this squirrel hanging off a tree.

POD: Violet’s Trophy

It’s been a crazy week so much so that I realize that I haven’t shared a picture of Violet’s Baseball Trophy and her Team Picture.

POD: First Day of School

20140902_083451_Ninth St

Today a new school year started, the kids headed out the door both excited and nervous.  Jacob wasn’t sure if his best friend would be in his class again this year. And Violet is facing school with a broken collar-bone and shoulder.  By the time the bell rang they were both off with their friends excited to be starting a new year. Jacob is once again in a split class, this year it’s a 3/4 split with lots of his friends including his best friend Daniel. Violet was thrilled to see all her friends from last year, but also a little boy from her last summer camp.  Since I already know that this picture of the two of them before school will be today’s picture of the day, why wait till tonight to post.


POD: Climbing Nate

Today we celebrated the end of Summer with some friends. While there I captured these pictures of little night climbing up the bunk bed.

POD: Jacobs new chore

image Every morning Melissa or I get up early to walk Ruby, usually we find Jacob already awake entertaining himself. This morning I came down to walk ruby and found Jacob taking her out of the door for her morning bathroom break. He insisted on doing it himself, evening picking up the poo. The only problem he had, was when Ruby saw me and wanted to run to me.