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POD: So Proud of Jacob


Today at Taekwondo Jacob eared his third stripe. So now he’s ready to take the test to get his While and Yellow belt. We’re all so proud of him, but

POD: Ready for the Rain


With all the different family activities it can be hard to find the time to head down to the Rogers Centre to catch a ballgame. Tonight I managed to find

POD: The Real Masterpiece


  Today for my picture of the day I have a follow-up to a post from earlier in the week, POD: Harbour Front Art it seems that I shared only part of

POD: Signs of Summer


I know that summer officially started last week, but today there were to little events that really marked the beginning of summer for our little family. The first was the kids had now school. Today was their first day of Summer vacation. The second was the local outdoor pool opened for the first time of the year. I’m happy to say we were there to enjoy the first family swim of the year, it seems to be becoming a tradition (POD: Going for a Ride with Jacob)

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POD: Last day of School


Today the kids headed off to their last day of school. They kids were both excited and sad to say good-by to another school year. Of course it was our last year with having a kindergartener, int the fall Violet will be in grade 1. Jacob will be in grade 4 and will probably have a teacher who will give him home work. Of course before any of that we have a long summer of fun and adventures.

POD: Beer Wisdom


For Fathers day I got a set of four beer glasses. So tonight I enjoyed a brew and captured today’s picture of the day. I love the glasses, they remind me of my old Upper Canada Brewery Beer wisdom Glasses. In case you can’t read it the glass says, ‘A fine Beer may be judged by one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.’  Some good advice there.

POD: Violet Poses


Today while dropping the kids off at school I captured today’s picture of the day. It seems that wearing 3D Glasses without Lenses is a the range in Violet’s class.

POD: Playing Through the Rain

Today was Jacob’s soccer night, and as I sat in the rain watching him I realized how proud I am. He goes out every game and tries hard. He really seems to like soccer, even with the other team kids him in the knee while going for the ball.

POD: Father’s Day 2015

Today was Father’s Day and while I got some great art from both of my kids, Violet’s T-shirt just had to be my picture of the day. I hope all other fathers had a good of a father’s day as I did.

POD: Ball Hockey Champions

Today was the final day for Violet’s ball hockey. The 10 weeks have just flown by. Violet’s age group was more about skills development the games, so there was no Champions, but each team got to pose with the EMBHL Trophy. I wonder where they inspiration for the trophy design came from.

POD: Smiling Violet


To was Jacob’s soccer skills. I captured this picture of Violet as we headed home from the field.

POD: Hanging Around After Practice


Today after practice Violet headed to a playground near the field with a friend for some play time. I captured today’s picture of the day while she played.

POD: Birthday Shopping


Today we headed down to ‘The Store’ to let Jacob turn his birthday gift cards into birthday presents. Of course ‘The Store’ is what my kids call Toys’r’us, and Jacob seems really happy with the different games he picked. Thanks everyone for making my boys 9th birthday so wonderful.