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POD: Over to soon


Today we headed up to pick up Violet and Ben from Summer camp. While both were happy to see their parents, I think they both would have been happy to

POD: Camp Selfie


Today we sent Violet off to her first overnight camp. She was so excited to go. I tried to get a nice picture with just me and her…. That didn’t

POD: My little Princess meets a Princess


Today Violet was at a birthday party with a very Special guest. It was amazing to watch as Cinderella interacted with the kids, and kept tall of them engaged, especially

POD: Jacob’s Poké Ball

Jacob's  Poké Ball

The other day Jacob came home from day camp with this creation. His very own Poké Ball. It’s amazed me how into Pokémon my boy has become. I think it’s finally dethroned Power Rangers for his favourite toys right now. Of course between Figures, Video Games, TV shows and the Card game there is a lot of different things to entertain him.

POD: Chasing the Ball


Today we have a picture of Jacob during tonight’s soccer game.

POD: Baseball game with Jacob


Today Jacob and I braved the scorching sun to watch the Jay’s beat the Yankees 3-1 at the Rogers Centre. It was fun being at the ball park with my boy. It was better that the Blue Jay’s were able to avoid the sweep and stay just a half game back of the division league.

POD: Looking down on the Game


This afternoon I headed down to take in a rare Saturday afternoon game. It amuses me that over the past few years I’ve probably been to close to 50 games with these tickets, but have sat in the seats less than 6 times.

POD: Movie night with Jacob


Tonight Jacob and I had a Guys night. we headed to the theater to see Pixels. Jacob loved it, and I really can blame him. if you get past the predictable plot and cliché characters it can was fun. specially if you played Video games in the 80s.

POD: Evening at the Park


Tonight after dinner Jacob, Ruby and I headed to an off leash area to let Ruby run around. I captured today’s picture of the day while Ruby rested.

POD: Number 1


Today the Jays did something they haven’t done since I was a teenager. They took moved into first place in the America League East. Sure, it’s early. There is still almost 50 games left in the season and they will have to play well to stay there. But it was only 2 weeks ago that they were 8 games back and it was hard not to feel like they were headed for anther disappointing season. Oh what a different a week makes. Go Jays Go..

POD: Taking in the crowd


Today I have a panorama from the Jays game. It’s amazing how many people where there for a Tuesday night game. Between the players the team picked up at the trade deadline and the 9 game winning streak the excitement around the Jays is something not seen in this town for over 20 years.

POD: Soccer in the Rain


Tonight we headed out to Jacob’s soccer game in the pouring rain. It cleared up a bit about half way through, but not before my little man was socked.

POD: Rainbow Loom

Today after clean up Violet’s room Melissa and Violet pulled out her Rainbow Loom, to prepare for a pre camp project. They plan on making bracelets for all her soon to be camp friends.