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POD: First play Again of the year

Today I found myself making an extra stop at Tim Hortons. I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to roll up the rim.

POD: Furies Game

Today we headed to the CWHL Game to watch the Toronto Furies take on the Brampton Thunder. Violet’s favourite player, Natalie Spooner plays (Number 24) for the Furies and scored

POD: Hockey Drills

Tonight I thought I’d share something a little different. An animated GIF from Violet’s DS practice. When I watch this I can’t help be amazed at how much better she

POD: Sometimes you just need Cupcakes

Melissa and the kids spent some time baking cupcakes, because well baking is fun. So they seemed perfect for today’s picture of the day.

POD: Watching Hockey

Tonight we have a picture of Violet as she watches the Gold Medal game of this year’s world Juniors. It was a great game, with an unfortunate ending (Canada lost in a shootout). Violet didn’t want to go to bed till it was over.

POD: Ruby Meets a Hatchimal

Today we have a picture of Ruby Meeting Violet’s new Hatchimal. She wasn’t impressed. She approached it very cautiously jumping back whenever it moved. She didn’t bark at it the way she barked at the RC Car, but she wasn’t a fan.

POD: Hockey Inspiration

Today we have a picture of Violet’s Inspirational Hockey puck and tape that she got from her DS team for Christmas.

POD: New Toy for Ruby

After a week of having no interest, today Roby found her new chew toy and went at it for hours.

POD: Air Hockey

Today we had a relaxing day around the house, watching some movies and playing some games. I captured today’s picture of the day while Violet and Jacob played her new air hockey game.

POD: Skating with the kids

Even though I didn’t really feel like doing anything, I knew that the kids didn’t want to have another day in the house, so I did something I don’t usually do, I laced up my skates and took the kids for a family skate. Jacob isn’t in the picture because he took the picture. It was a fun afternoon, perhaps we can do it again this winter.

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POD: Pretty Doggy

Our little family is still a bit under the weather, so we had a lazy day and that means I didn’t get any exciting pictures, thankfully Ruby posed for one.


POD: Ending the Tournament with a win

While Violet wasn’t 100% she was well enough to play. If I was honest, I don’t know how sick she’d have to be to be willing to miss a game. The game was another close one. The dolphins won 1-0 ending the tournament with a 2-1-1 record.

POD: Fever

Tonight after day 2 of the tournament, which was a 4-1 loss, Violet’s illness roared back with a high fever. She’s been fighting it since last Friday and I think it was all the hockey that brought it back so strong. She’s doing ok and it seems to be just the flu / respiratory virus, but at times it was a little scary.