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POD: Day of Science


Today we headed to the Science Centre for a day of science fun with friends.  We had a great day.  Today’s picture of the day is of one of the

POD: Goalie Violet


Today my little donned the goalie pads and headed between the pipes.  She did stellar for her first time in net.

POD: A Cake for Violet


Tonight Melissa was hard at work, wrapping up Violet’s gifts and making her a homemade Mint Chocolate Chip and Oreo Ice Cream Cake, for our little family celebration tomorrow. Her

POD: Basket Full of Love


Tonight before heading to bed Violet took a bag of Arts and Crafts Pipe cleaners and turned them all into little hearts for Mommy.  It was such a sweet thought that I had to capture it as  my picture of the day.

POD: The Return of Nan


Tonight I break a rule with my picture of the day. I’m using a picture I  already shared, but this really is the only picture I could choose.  The kids are used to seeing their Nan Everyday and she’s been gone for more than 2 weeks. So this picture of the three of them has to be shared.

POD: Snuggle Up and Read


Today in Violet’s bag I found something I have looked forward to since she started school. Today her first Snuggle Up and Read books came home. I always loved it when Jacob brought home his Snuggle Up and Read Books (POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read, POD: Snuggle-Up-and-Read 2, and POD: Snuggle up and Read Update). I can’t wait to snuggle up with Violet and read her books.

POD: Hockey Skills


Today was Hockey Skills for young Violet, and power skating for Jacob. For today’s picture of the day I have Violet skating between little pillions. I love watching the kids during these classes. They both give it their all, trying to do what ever the coaches ask of them. I just hope they can use it in there hockey games.

POD: Evening Beer


Tonight as the evening was winding down I thought it might be nice to have a beer.  Tonights beer of choice is The Public House Square Nail Pale Ale.  It’s an ok Brew but not sure I’ll be picking it up again.

POD: Finding a Good Book


Today we headed to Mastermind Toys with the kids, looking for inspirations for little miss Violet’s birthday next week. Both the kids love that going there, they always seem to find new toys to interest them. Today Jacob surprised me though, after first looking at some Snap Circuits and other science toys he found the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid books. He looked over the selection of books he picked one and found a place to sit down and started to read. For the rest of the time in the store, that’s where he was. I just hope we can find more books to capture his imagination.

POD: Balloon Hunting


Tonight we headed to party city for some birthday planning. With Violet’s birthday just over a week away we have a lot of details to iron out. Today we were just looking, we’ll be picking balloons for our birthday diva closer to the big day.

POD: Violet’s new bedding

We were setting up Violets room to surprise her when she got home. Ruby just had to be a part of it. First posing for a picture that showed off the new room. She also had to be  first to try the new bedding, though in the end it wasn’t the same without Violet

POD: Back on the Rink


Today was the kids first game back after the Christmas break.  It was fun  to be back at the MasterCard Centre watching the kids play.

POD: Paw print in the snow


Today we have a picture of Ruby’s paw print in the snow. I took the picture during our morning walk. I just love watching Ruby trying to play in the snow.