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POD: Hockey in the sun


It’s Saturday so that means a morning spent out doors watching Violet play ball hockey. I loved this picture of our little number 7 charging towards the ball. I took

POD: Violet’s Lego and Shopkins Creation


This morning while having breakfast this morning Violet insisted that I take a picture of her Lego and Shopkin creation for my picture of the day. So here it is.

POD: Dance Photo Day


Today Violet headed to her dance class for photo day. So I had to share a picture of her in her 2 costumes.

POD: Lunch for two


This morning like most mornings I headed into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. Today I turned to our old standby, tray lunches. When they were done I thought they looked good enough to take a picture. So here they are our picture of the day.

POD: Ruby Relaxes


Once again the day comes to a close without a picture of the day. Luckily for me Ruby is around to help up.

POD: First Ball Game of 2015


Tonight Bill and I headed to the Rogers Centre to watch the Jays take on the Rays. After losing the first 2 home games of the seasons the bats finally came to play and they wont 12-7. I’m not sure how I’m going to break it to Melissa that I’ve got to got to all the Jays home games this season. Clearly the team needs me and Bill there to win.

POD: Study Guides

20150414_235039This year Jacob faces his first EQAO assessment. Ontario standardized testing, and though I’m confident that his teach is working with him and his class so that they will be ready on testing day. Still we thought it would be a good idea if he had something to practice with in the evenings. So we picked up these books for him.


POD: Home Opener 2015


Today the Toronto Blue Jays hosted their home opener against the Tampa Bay Rays. It’s the one game of the season my ticket doesn’t get me into see, so I grabbed a beer and watched it on the newly surround sound enhanced tv.

POD: Taking of the Training Wheels


It was a beautiful day today, spring had definitely sprung as Jacob said this after noon. It also ment that it was time to dust of the bikes. While dusting Violet’s bike I also took off her Training wheels to see how she could handle it, and handle it she did. With a bit of help from Melissa and I she just wouldn’t stop trying. It sure helped when one the neighbourhood kids started helping her out. I’m amazed at how quickly she seems to be getting. She could be riding like a pro by the end of the week.

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POD: First day of Ball Hockey


Today we headed out to Violets first week of Ball Hockey. She was so excited to hit the ice pad and met her new team. I think that the best part for her was that two of her pre-school friends are on the team. Watching her go through the different drills was great. She listened to the coaches and tried hard. I think it will be great for next years hockey season.

POD: Around the Neighborhood

This evening Ruby and I headed out for a little longer walk tonight. It included a walk through the Humber campus where I took today’s picture of the day.

POD: Relaxing Ruby


Today we have a picture of Ruby lounging on our new carpet next to her new bone. She is such a sweet dog,

POD: Lollipop


Today started with a bit of a surprised, my phone announced that the Lollipop update was available.  I’ve been waiting for months for Samsung and Telus to ship the update for my Note 3. Today the wait need and do I had to celebrate with some lollipops for me and the kids.