POD: Playing with Ruby

Today we spend the morning running around doing errands and the afternoon at the local park for what was supposed to be a water war. We did have a war, but the kids were quickly distracted by other kids and spent the time playing while the old folks relaxed on the grass. Between the excitement we found time to take Ruby to the dog park. We were the only ones there, but Ruby still had fun chasing her disc and playing with Violet.

POD: Camp Certificate


Today we have a picture of Jacobs camp certificate.  The entire camp was a bit of a surprise. We were just browsing the Microsoft store at Square One when Jacob came running up asking if he could join the camp. Next thing we know he has 2 hours of Microsoft camp for a few days. He loved it, the only disappointing thing is that we didn’t a copy of the movie he created, the service they used to share it was down when his class was wrapping up. I called to see if they could email it to me but the weren’t sure if it was still on the computer he used. I’m still hoping to get it, if I do I’ll share it here.

POD: Swinging Away

Today I have a collage of the kids at the plat from baseball tonight. Of course for Jacobs team the big games start next week with their first playoff double-header.

POD: Evening at the ballpark


Today I headed down to the Rogers Centre to watch the Blue Jays beat the Orioles 5-1. With my picture of the day I was trying to capture the moon over the ball park.

POD: Gearing up for Battle

20140805_174722_Ninth St
Ever since Jacob got his Super Soaker Tornado Strike for his birthday a few years back, I’ve been looking for a good water gun for me so we could have water fights. I’ve wanted to get a gun that’s compatible with the water clips that Jacob’s Tornado Strike uses.  With summer winding down water guns are disappearing from the stores, I was beginning to think that I’d have to wait till next year to find a water gun. While shopping today I saw some water guns and clips on clearance, so I stocked up. I couldn’t believe how cheap it all was. I can’t wait till the weekend, when the kids and I can have a water fight.

POD: Violet the Train Conductor


Today we headed down to Lakeshore Mardi Gras. The kids had a blast riding the different rides. I captured today’s picture of the day while Violet rode on the little train. We spent most of the afternoon there hoping that it wouldn’t rain. We almost made it through the entire day before the skies really opened up. Jacob was thrilled when he found thatbhis best friend Daniel was also at Mardi Gras.

POD: Saying goodbye to an old friend

Today we ended our Family adventure,  by saying goodbye to an old friend (POD: Today we met a Bear). We had a great time on our family adventure vacation. As much as I was sad to see it end, it’s nice to be sleeping in our own beds tonight.

POD: Jacobs water slide adventure


Today we have a collage from Jacobs water slide adventure. He has wanted to go down the Tornado since last summer.  Today he finally did,  and loved it.  I was thrilled to be able to catch him on the way down.  It was just one of many water slides that my little guy went down today.

POD: Family relaxes


The family adventure continues….  It’s so adventurous we decided to take a brake in the first chair we found.

POD: Family getaway


Today we start our family adventure weekend,  and as you can see from today’s picture of the day,  it started with a bang.