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POD: Hitting 1000


Tonight I continued my November routine of heading to Starbucks with Jacob to do some writing. I haven’t managed to find my novel writing groove, but it’s been fun trying.

POD: Hockey Instruction


Early Sunday mornings is usually Hockey Practice for our little family.  Today it was Violet’s turn,  early in the practice I capture this image of the kids kneeling on the

POD: Remembering the Fallen


  Today is remembrance day, a day to remember our fallen soldiers. So today I share a picture of a box of poppies. And ask that you take a moment

POD: Relaxing with Ruby


Tonight after a long day of work and chores,  I’m just relaxing in front of the TV with Ruby.  Well I’m watching TV Ruby is enjoying her bone.

POD: Santa Clause Parade 2014


Today was the Toronto Santa Clause Parade. It was a great day for the kids. The weather wasn’t to cold and the flurries all day gave it a Christmas feel. I’ll post more picture soon.

POD: Beer and Hockey


Tonight I headed to a bar for some beer and Hockey.  The beer was good,  but the hockey was a disappointment.

POD: Sleepover bound


With Jacob’s Hockey game on Sunday this week, it left Jacob free to have  a sleep over at his best friends house. I snapped today’s picture of the day while we walked to his friends house

POD: A Window onto the Season


Early this morning I found myself standing in front of the old Simpsons building, now the Bay and It brought a a smile to may face to see that they had gone back to more traditional Christmas window display. I remember as a kid enjoy my trips down to see them every year. Of course now I have to plan a trip with my kids to see them. There were 4 or 5 window displays each showing their own Christmas theme complete with limited movement. Part of me wants to say these windows are up early, but then I remember the Toronto Santa Clause Parade is this Sunday.

POD: Late Night Writing


To I headed down town to take part in a late night NaNoWriMo event at the Indigo in the Eaton Centre. I would write more about it, but I’m busy working on my novel.

POD: Remembering the Fallen


Today is remembrance day, a day to remember our fallen soldiers. So today I share a picture of a box of poppies. And ask that you take a moment to think about the freedoms we enjoy, and of the men and women who fight to keep us free.

POD: Another Writing Session with Jacob

20141110_180759_Velma Dr(1)

With Jacob still recovering from getting tubes in his ears, he was forced to miss swimming. So Jacob and I hit the Second Cup near swimming to work on our novels. It was a productive day, Jacob wrote another 300 words and I got close to 1000. Sure I’m still behind, but I had a great time with my boy.

Geek Musing: NaNoWriMo

It’s November for some a time to grow a moustache,  or others it’s time to write a novel.  I’ve always wanted to grow a mustache for Movember but that would mean shaving off my goatee,  so that’s out of the question.  So instead I’ve taken on the daunting task of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.  A task I’ve tried to accomplish several times over the last 10 years.  I’ve only succeeded once.  Sure a few years I chose to blog every day instead of write a novel and that I have done successfully several times,  but the novel has eluded me.  So this year I’m back to noveling.

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POD: Dinner with my Boy

DinnerwithJacobTonight it was just Jacob and I for dinner and after a second day of helping family move, I didn’t feel like cooking anything. So I asked Jacob where he wanted to go for dinner, he chose Subway Subs. I captured dinner while he in joyed his Cold Cut Combo with Bacon.  It was nice sitting with just Jacob, talking about different things. He does seem excited about his novel, I think I’ll have to try to schedule another Starbucks trip for the 2 of us.