Project 365-068: TTC Streetcar Tracking

IMG_2919 When I was thinking about what to shoot for today’s photo two random things came together to almost make my choice for me. The first was a client visit, we got a call last week to from a client we’d all but written off,  the second was an announcement by the TTC of the expanded availability of GPS based arrival times for most streetcar routes in the city. I spent some time looking at it before heading to the clients this afternoon. So when I got to Spadina station, where a the first trial installation of the GPS system is installed for the publics use, I thought great and snapped today’s picture. The only problem is now when I got to site to check out how it works, I only see two routes not the 5 or 6 I saw earlier. The service when it goes live will be a great help to the TTC riders of the city, I just hope we don’t have to long and that they will offer an open API so people can use the information in their own applications.

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