POD: Streetcar of the Future


After weeks of trying to find an opportunity to ride the new streetcars today I finally did. I came close on Wednesday but just didn’t have the time to wait for one of the two new streetcars. Today I had the time and the good fortune of not having to wait long before one arrived at Spidina station.  I’ve known for a while that they would be better then our existing streetcars, but I didn’t realize how much better. I can’t wait till there are more of them on the road.


There  was one thing I was disappointed to learn that the new automated fare machines didn’t support Presto cards. Considering the TTCING is planning to roll out support system wide it seems like a wasted opportunity. Of course with Torontos transit system that’s par for the course.

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  • Well, funding transit is just a war on cars, also if people are on transit they can’t use all the drive-through Tim Hortons that Doug wants to have replace libraries.

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