POD: Timbit breakfast?

Today while picking up some last-minute supplies for this week lunches we spotted Timbits cereal. We had to buy a box, well two box (once of each flavour) to give it a try. To nobody’s surprise, they were a hit with both the kids.

POD: Nan

Today we have a picture of Nan, aka my mom. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with her at a local bakery this morning and captured this picture as I headed off.

POD: Music Night

Wednesday has been Jacob’s music lesson night for over a year now, but today is the first since he got his own keyboard. So I thought I’d share a picture his keyboard for my picture of the day.

POD: Coaches Talk

Tonight is practice night for Violet’s hockey team. I capture this picture of the coach going over drills with the girls. It amazes me that there is less then a month left of the regular season.

POD: Snowy Night

It seems a little strange that on January 5th I’d be surprised by a little snow, but that’s what happened tonight. I hadn’t been paying attention to the weather and on the drive home this evening I was surprised to find the streets covered in snow. It wasn’t really enough to affect my driving but… Continue reading POD: Snowy Night