POD: Swimming class

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today our picture is a blurry picture of Violet’s swim class as it’s about to hope into the water. It’s amazing how much better our little girl is doing in the pool after 2 weeks of classes every day.

POD: Celebrating with Sofia

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today we celebrated our niece Sofia’s birthday. The kids had a great time, painting and decorating their Flower pot photo holder. Plus dressing up for photos to put into their frames. To top it off, the kids headed over to Auntie Lisa and Uncle Jim’s after the party for… Continue reading POD: Celebrating with Sofia

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POD: new Wii

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today while Visiting Melissa’s dad Jacob got a huge surprise. I should start by saying that my 5-year-old Wii has recently started showing its age, crashing when ever Jacob tried to play his games. So while we were visiting with Melissa’s dad he surprised Jacob by getting him a new… Continue reading POD: new Wii

POD: Swimming Star

From Blog Processing Today was the last swimming class of the session, and I’m happy to say that both my kids passed there classes.  My picture today is of Violet showing off her ability to swim underwater. Now we have to find away to sign up our little girl for more lessons in August.

POD: Nut Free Baseball

From Pictures of the Day 2012 I love going to baseball games, but I’m always worried about taking Violet, because Peanuts and baseball go hand in hand. Fortunately for my little girl the Toronto Blue Jays have introduced a nut free zone for 3 games this season.

POD: Breakfast

From Pictures of the Day 2012 After all the pictures taken while at wonderland yesterday I was all pictured out today. Though I did get this nice one of the great pancakes Melissa made for the family this morning