POD: Soon to be Grad

Today Jacob came home with his Grad hoodie. I know the colour wasn’t his first choice, but boy did he want to get his hands on it. I can’t believe that he’s almost a highschooler.

POD: Sad Bunny

Today while in Indigo / Chapters I saw this large bunny, it’s a big version of Violet’s Fufu which she has had since her first Easter. Doesn’t it look sad? I think it’s because it’s for display only and won’t know the joy of bringing a child joy,

POD: Growing up

Another sign that my little girl isn’t so little anymore. I captured this picture as she and a friend rode the TTC home.

POD: Nan

Today we have a picture of Nan, aka my mom. I enjoyed a cup of coffee with her at a local bakery this morning and captured this picture as I headed off.

POD: Music Night

Wednesday has been Jacob’s music lesson night for over a year now, but today is the first since he got his own keyboard. So I thought I’d share a picture his keyboard for my picture of the day.

POD: Hockey bag suprise

Tonight we have a silly picture. It seems Melissa was going through our sports equipment closet and found an hold hockey back. With Violet’s current bag having a broken zipper this could come in handy for any summer hockey camps. I think Violet likes it too.