POD: Shoot-Out Fun

Today Violet had another exhibition ball hockey game. Monday was against one of her provincial opponents, while today was against a nationals team. It was a good game, Violet’s line scored in the first but couldn’t hold on as the other team scored in the dieing minutes of the third with thier goalie pulled. After …
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POD: City Ice Hockey Champions

Today Violet’s school hockey team competed for the City Championship. She’s wanted to play for her school team for years, but with the pandemic, this is the first year she’s been able to play. They had 2 tournaments where they went 2-2 and 3-0-1 leading to today’s final. They won 2-1 to take the championship.

POD: Back on the Ice

After a bit of a break from team practices, tonight we were back at the rink for a smaller than normal practice. It seems that some of our team were still away for their Christmas vacation. Still it was great for Violet to skate with her team, after Friday the team has their first game …
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