Cloud Gazing: posterous

Tonight my readers will get an extra post, I think. I’m sitting here at my computer working on my Project 365 Post and got distracted by the blogging service posterous. Its a simple blog engine that allows you to post from email. I signed up for an account when I first learned of the service.… Continue reading Cloud Gazing: posterous

Cloud Gazing: Picnik

The thought of an online photo editor always seemed silly to me. Why waste the time uploading your images just to edit them. There are a ton of great editors for windows, why move it out to the cloud. That was before I really started using Flickr and other online photo sites. Even then I… Continue reading Cloud Gazing: Picnik

1000 Days of Twitter

A few months back someone twittered that they had been on Twitter for some amount of weeks. It was a high number I can’t remember who it was or how long they were on twitter, I just remember wondering how long I’d been on twitter. I looked it up on At the time I… Continue reading 1000 Days of Twitter