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Tonight my readers will get an extra post, I think. I’m sitting here at my computer working on my Project 365 Post and got distracted by the blogging service posterous. Its a simple blog engine that allows you to post from email. I signed up for an account when I first learned of the service. Wanting to get address I used it a few times but it never stuck. When I started my blog Geek With Kids I registered the domain as well, but until today I’ve never posted to it. There are two reasons I don’t think I’ve ever used this service. The fist is I like my posts being on my blog. Why should I have half a dozen different blogs spattered around the net? Second I usually don’t like posting my first draft of my entries, and a first draft is all I ever get on my phone’s keyboard.

So you are wondering what brings me to posterous today then, well it’s the ability to have it automatically repost you posts. So I send my entry to posterous and it then sends it to what ever other services I want. This seemed intriguing to me so I wanted to see how it worked. I thought about doing just a basic Test post. In-fact I had written it before thinking why not turn it into a review.

Posterous has the most basic sign up of any site I’ve ever used, you just email it. Send an email to it sets up an address based on your email account and away you go. From then on you can post to that blog from that email address. You can use it without anymore setup. Of course if you want a different address or to add some advanced features then you need to Set a password using the link in the return email they send you. In less than 5 minutes anyone can have a blog that they can update from anywhere with just email.

Now the advanced feature I’m writing about to-day is the Autopost. The ability to take you posterous post and send them to other service. There are a bunch of supported services. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr are just a few. I’ve configured my account for just twitter and my blog to see what it will do. So now here is where my post will get a little strange. I’m going to post this review and then either edit the result or post a follow-up, after seeing posterous’s autopost functionality works. So stay tuned.

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