Hello World

Hello Wold…

Two simple words, but words I have typed a number of times. Whenever you learn a new programming language it is customary to write a Hello World program. Its a good way to learn the basic syntax of the language. The first Hello World program I wrote was on the Commodore 64, it looked something like this:

10 print "Hello World"
20 goto 10

I could try and remember all the different versions of Hello World I’ve written, but this blog is about more the programming so I will be content with sharing a link to a site that specializes in them, The Hello World Collection.

Of course programming isn’t the only place you start with Hello World, the default post on most of the blogging software I considered for this site was titled Hello World. So it seemed appropriate for my first post to expand on that basic theme.

So again I say Hello world, welcome to Geek With Kids. Here you will find the random ramblings of a geek dad. I will write about Family, Fatherhood and my Geeky Pursuits.

The family is Melissa, The Wife. She is my best friend and the women I will spend the rest of my life with. Jacob, The Boy. Our first born, he turns 3 this June. A day doesn’t go by where he doesn’t say or do something that amazes me. Violet, The Girl. Our second child born January 20th. She’s a smiley happy baby that brightens my days. And of course I can’t forget Chloe ,the cat.

Fatherhood, has changed my life and watching them grow is inspiring, it seems like everyday one of the kids does something that is new and exciting,  whether it’s Violet rolling over for the first time or Jacob Climbing up the Tires in a local park for the first time. These are moments that I want to remember and what better way to remember them then to share them.

Which of my geeky pursuits will make into the blog, I’m not sure. Programming seems a given, and so do Gadgets but beyond that like a lot of things with this blog I am still trying to figure it out. To find out you’ll have to keep coming back.


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