POD: Lollipop

Today started with a bit of a surprised, my phone announced that the Lollipop update was available.  I’ve been waiting for months for Samsung and Telus to ship the update for my Note 3. Today the wait need and do I had to celebrate with some lollipops for me and the kids.

How brave am I?

When I first broke my phone, I did a search for replacement parts for my phone and found that the screen was only between $40 and $50 to buy. This gave me hope that it wouldn’t be to expensive to get fixed. Of course when I contact local places to do the repairs I was presented with… Continue reading How brave am I?

Mobile Monday: Toronto Transit Tracker

Today we look at Toronto Transit Tracker. A handy app that uses real-time information about when the next streetcar will arrive. the next Streetcar will be arriving. There are 3 tabs to the application, Favourites, Streetcar and Map.