How brave am I?

When I first broke my phone, I did a search for replacement parts for my phone and found that the screen was only between $40 and $50 to buy. This gave me hope that it wouldn’t be to expensive to get fixed. Of course when I contact local places to do the repairs I was presented with a price of around $170, I decided to put the repairs on the back burner and live with the broken screen. Then today I saw that HTC will probably be bringing Jelly Bean to the Amaze in the new year the desire to repair my broke screen return. So I did a search for ‘How to repair a HTC Amaze screen’ and found this video.

And this post: HTC Amaze 4G Screen Take Apart Repair Guide

Between the two it show’s that it should be possible for me to replace the screen myself. Though I’m not sure if I’m confident in my abilities to actually try. After all there were plenty of electrics that I took apart in my youth that never seemed to go back together right. Do I want to try it with my phone? Do I want to risk being without even my broken phone?  It’s a tough call. For now I’ll leave it as is and see if HTC does indeed release Jelly Been for it, before I take such a big step. Of course it could be possible that Google will bring the cost of the new Nexus down low enough that I can just get a new phone(Shhh don’t tell Melissa I’m thinking of buying a new phone).

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