POD: Morning Commute

This morning while walking the dob, before heading to work I captured this picture of a TTC bus. If I was honest it was the bus I should have been on. Still, it makes a nice picture of the day.

POD: Old Mill Tribute

Today I continue with sharing interesting things I find on the TTC. Today it’s a sign at Old Mill Station. I wasn’t able to capture it will enough with a single shot, so I put together a little collage.

POD: Hitching a Ride

Today on my way home I saw a pigeon sitting on the bus. As it sat there I wonder how long it would ride up there. It flew off almost as soon as the bus headed out of the station. Still I managed to capture it before it headed out.


Today as I was heading back to the office I was a couple of new TTC buses. Well at least it was the first time I’d seen low floor articulated buses. Turns out they have been on the road since December. It’s nice to see new buses on Toronto streets, I just can’t wait till… Continue reading POD: TTC Bus

POD: Subway Surprise

From Pictures of the Day 2012 Today after work I met up with Melissa on the TTC, for some reason while I was waiting for her I snapped a few pictures of subway trains. What I didn’t expect was what I found when I looked at them when I got home. Can you recognize my… Continue reading POD: Subway Surprise

Project 365-326: Next Streetcar in…

Today on the way home I snapped this picture at a streetcar shelter. It would seem that the next vehicle announcements have gone beyond text messages and LCD screens at the station (see my post here and here). It’ll be pretty cool when these screens include buses too.