Tonight, I have a picture of Violet enjoying herself on the Ice Trail. It always amazes me how free she is on the ice, how effortlessly she glides across the frozen surface. In a year that Covid has taken away so much, it’s nice to see that she can still strap on a pair of skates and enjoy the ice.

POD: Ruby with her Bone

Today I start Picture of the Day again. For my first picture, I have one of Ruby with her Christmas Bone. Every year we get her a dino bone to entertain her on Christmas morning while we open presents.

POD: First Hockey Game

Tonight, Violet and her entire hockey team headed down the Scotiabank Arena to watch the Leafs vs the Senators. It was her first Leaf game. They had won tickets to the Ford Fan deck and everyone had a great time. After all how often do you get to go to a hockey game with 16… Continue reading POD: First Hockey Game

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POD: Coaches Talk

Thursday is practise night for our little hockey star so once again I find that my picture of the day is from the rink. Today it’s the girls listening to the coach explain their next drill.

POD: Morning Commute

This morning while walking the dob, before heading to work I captured this picture of a TTC bus. If I was honest it was the bus I should have been on. Still, it makes a nice picture of the day.

POD: Wintery River

Today I thought I’d change it up with a picture that I captured on my way home from work of the Humber River.

POD: Soon to be Grad

Today Jacob came home with his Grad hoodie. I know the colour wasn’t his first choice, but boy did he want to get his hands on it. I can’t believe that he’s almost a highschooler.