A new morning routine?

Yesterday morning was unlike any I’ve had in more than 2 years,  and even then what happened this morning was rare.  It started normally,  me up with Ruby,  I puttered around the kitchen,  doing the few remaining dishes and making the kids lunches while Ruby ate.  Then with Ruby settled I headed upstairs to get… Continue reading A new morning routine?

POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:12:55)

Today I set out to compete in my second Half-Marathon. I finished in 2:12:55 a little slower than my first marathon back in may (POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:10:32)). The course for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a flatter course then the Mississauga Marathon, so I’ll blame that for slower speed.  In addition to running for the… Continue reading POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:12:55)