POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:12:55)

Today I set out to compete in my second Half-Marathon. I finished in 2:12:55 a little slower than my first marathon back in may (POD: Half-Marathon Day (2:10:32)). The course for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a flatter course then the Mississauga Marathon, so I’ll blame that for slower speed.  In addition to running for the challenge of running, I was also running for my aunt-in-law Debbie who passed away in January. She walked the 5k last year, so this year Lynn, Dan and I participated in her memory. I’m working on a post about the future of my running, and more thoughts about today’s run. For now I wanted to share the pictures and my time. So stay tuned.

Some bonus pictures from the days events:




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