POD: Coding on a Tablet


After dropping Melissa and Violet off at the Science Centre for a play day with a bunch of her friends, I decided to run a little experiment. I headed to a Starbucks with just my Cell Phone and Tablet to see how much code I could write. Though I came up a bit short of my goals, I did find it a successful day.

The biggest issue was setup, beyond a few tests at home this was the first time I’ve tried to do any real coding on my tablet. In the end I found that I still don’t have the right tools for developing on my tablet. I had hopped to use CodeAnywhere‘s Android app to do my coding, but I soon found that it wasn’t very reliable and was forced to rely on the CodeAnywhere website in Chrome. It worked well and even provided me with a terminal to run my git commands. Though it was the new integration between BitBucket (my code repository of choice), and CodeAnywhere that let me get my work done today.

So though I know that I can work anywhere with just an internet connection and my tablet, I’m still looking for a better set of tools for development, as I only have good internet connection in my office, recently I noticed the Eatel Business’s landing page which offered a great package. Preferably something that would allow me to work offline, and maybe something for managing databases from the tablet. So far nothing I’ve tried has been worth even mentioning.

As I continue development on this new project I hope to write about the tools I use on both the desktop and tablet. and the overall experience I have. For now though I am focusing on coding and not blogging. so it will probably be a while.

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